Get ready to waste a lot of time on this website

The SCP Foundation. It’s a wiki that takes the form of a large inventory of sorts of a secretive research foundation. Each entry is another “item” in the inventory. It’s not just objects, there are several living things, abstract things, large contraptions, etc…

I’ve already wasted a lot of time reading this site over. It’s sucks you in, because most entries have links to other entries, so you read those, which have links to others, etc…

A couple of my favorites so far:



There’s also downright creep-as-fuck ones.


Good thing I don’t have to go to work tomorrow cause I’ll be exploring this site for hours.

I think I got a cute overdose from today’s featured article. Now to read it.

NSFW link: http: //

Yeah, I’ve spent lots of time there. If you like that you might also like The Holders.

Click on the series list, there are some 500+ short stories about the Holders.

I remember way back in the dark ages of the internet they had a very similar website, only it was not a wiki and it had a warehouse theme. You clicked to open a box, and it spit out a random description of an item.

Can’t find it on google, don’t know if it’s still around.

Warehouse 23 basement?

Ooooh, thank you!

I’d forgotten about that one. I submitted a few items to it while cleaning out my apartment.

Yes, that’s it, thanks!

My inner geek/computer historian loves SCP-079, particularly because it involves an obscure computer I’ve actually played with. :slight_smile:

Cripes. I just spent two hours looking through the Foundation’s pages. I may have to join…

Yeah, that’s a timesuck and a half. Great ideas for a Delta Green game there.

Damn, SCP-093 is just crazy. It starts off not seeming interesting, but then once you read the five ‘tests’ and other things at the bottom it gets intense. Creeped me right the fuck out.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that this might be the basis of a kick-ass RPG?

I think so. You could integrate the SCP into a Delta Green game, or use a framework like Fringeworthy or Bureau 13, or just go with D20 Modern and wing the rest of it.

I may need to do that…