get rid of russert

Luke Russert sucks! Okay, MSNBC hired him because of his Dad, but really, there are probably hundereds of people out that could do a much better job than Russsert…he carries on like a frat boy at a party.

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I agree with the OP. However, the same, or similar things could be said about most TV newsertainers.

Lame rant. Join date Jul 2012. Who would have guessed?

I just joined and don’t know better…sorry and thanks for the info

We get a lot of nuts joining this time of year. Maybe you’re not one of them. Hope not, but it’s too early to tell.

So, tell us why you don’t like Russert. He seems OK to me.

“Journalists” ask questions…you know, search for the truth. Russert just goes through the motions…asks no pertinent questions, ignores evasive answers…when reporting always responds with “here are their talking points”…no shit…get to the heart of an issue…“talking points” are what politicians use to be evasive…notice the marked difference between Russert and people like Chuck Todd, Chris Celizza et al.

Sounds like at least 50% of the “journalists” out there.

It’s not a big deal. Welcome to the dope.

Yeah. My problem with him is as the OP states, that he only has the job because his dad died. He’s actually a little more knowledgeable than average, but he gets a pass on his mistakes because of the respect people had for his father. This is nothing new in the news biz though.

You know I prefer an Idaho but a russet bakes up pretty good.
I just don’t see the reason for all the hate.

Yeah, I’m a Yukon Gold or Red man. You can keep your starchy “Russert” potatoes.

If you wanna talk starchy you should try Peruvian Purple potatoes. They make russerts seem positively creamy.

Yukon Gold, cut up, boiled…add plenty of butter and chopped fresh parsley.

Congratulations, you have passed your first Doper test, responding to snark with more snark and not crazy outrage.


Lil’ sour cream too. Basement-Allosaurus likee.

Oh, Russert! HE’s young and has his father’s legacy hanging over him. Give him time.

I just can’t watch the guy due to his grotesque nostril-flares. Dude’s a freakin’ Clydesdale. :eek:

Snark? Have you ever tasted boiled Yukon Gold potatoes with butter and chopped parsley? Good potatoes!

Anyhow, I agree completely with the OP. I saw Luke Russert when he first started on NBC a few years back, and he hasn’t improved. Truly an empty suit as of now. But then, I didn’t have all that much respect for his dad, either. Oh, the “bulldog” could ask a tough question, but he would let politicians off the hook like everyone else. It’s all in the follow-ups, if you ask me.