Get Shorty Series on Prime

Just watched all 3 seasons and really enjoyed the show.

One question, what is the reason the writers decided to give Miles’s daughter, Emma, the nickname “Shorty”? I mean, the plot of the show has nothing to do with ‘getting’ Emma. Am I trying to hard to find meaning/intent? What am I missing?

WAG: it’s based a book named “Get Shorty.”

Some network executive probably watched the pilot and said “Why isn’t there anyone named ‘Shorty’ in the show?” and despite the producers explaining at length that it’s just the title, were overridden and had to put in a character named “Shorty” even if it doesn’t make any sense.

If that’s the case, I wonder if it’s clever irony on the part of the show writers/creators to do something like this given the show is about the absurdity of the movie making industry. A kind of self-parody.