Get Smart.

What you guys think about “get smart” tv series ?
I have been watching them on tv long time ago but still think they were the best comedy shows ever,simply hilarious.(honeymooners come v.closer)
Could anyone tell me if “Get Smart” is available on DVD?

Not to my knowledge.

and I think Get Smart! is the funniest thing Mel Brooks has ever done. It’s just begging for a super-deluxe DVD boxed set.

But it jumped the shark after Smart and 99 got married. Great before then, though. It gave lots of phrases to the language of the mid-60s - “sorry about that, chief,” “would you believe?” and “missed it by that much.”

The episodes without the incessant laugh track are better, in the sense that they don’t make my brain implode from constant pointless noise.

There is a Get Smart tv movie from the early 1990s on DVD, but even the Nude Bomb hasn’t been released.

Shouldn’t we be discussing this under the Cone of Silence? :smiley:

I think the show declined once Buck Henry stopped writing the episodes.

Get smart was my first experience as a child into building the imaginative framework for cops and robbers with the neighborhood kids. It is a classic. They used to have Get Smart marathons on Nick at Night.

It was also strange to find out later that Barbara Feldon and my mother were about the same age. That always puts a damper on any fantasy.

I always wondered why she looked like she was bobbing back and forth when she stood up in the show. Turned out that she was much taller than Don Adams so the directors had her stand on the sides of her feet to make her look shorter, which can be a bit uncomfortable.

Ooh…I loved this show too, but I think it’s probably not as good as watching it when you are a kid.

I have a Don Adams trivia question for you all. Does anyone remember a tv show called “The Don Adams Screen Test” from the early 70’s? The game show had a contest where audience members would re-enact a famous movie scene - say The African Queen - and the winner would get some crap cameo on a real tv show. My brother and I loved this show, but no one else seems to remember it.

One of my favorite classic TV shows.

Barbara Feldon still equals cold shower time for me. If I watch back-to-back episodes of Bewitched and Get Smart, I’ll probably catch a cold. :wink:

I loved the show as a kid, but saw it again on reruns a few years ago and decided that it had aged very, very badly. It seemed dated and forced, as if all the punch lines were being telegraphed. I don’t know if it’s a case of familiarity breed contempt, or if it just genuinely isn’t as funny as I thought it was thirty something years ago.

I absolutely remember it. They would play the scene for laughs a couple of times first usually with some sort of partical joke against the contestant. The one thing that sticks in my mind is when they did the climactic scene of Psycho. When Mrs Bates gets spun around there was a lit cigarette in the skeletons mouth. Hilarity ensued.

Well I liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw “Don Adams Screen Test”. I don’t think they made too many episodes however. In L.A., I believe it showed on the NBC affiliate on Saturday evenings.

Geez, I have wasted my life. :smack:

And “. . .aaaand loving it!”

I remember “Screen Test,” too. They usually had guest actor to assist in the roles, as well as Adams, although the only one I can remember is Marvin Miller from the old “The Millionaire” series.

He also drove a cool Karmann Ghia convertible in the last couple of seasons.
Useless trivia: the pilot episode was the only one shot in b&w.

Okay, so someone had to mention the car.

I heard that Don Adams still has the Sunbeam Tiger he drove in the show. Can anyone confirm this? I saw someone on the 405 in L.A. in a red Sunbeam Tiger. The license plate was “GET SMRT”. That’ll be a nice car when it’s restored.

There was the Karmann Ghia, but I didn’t think it was as cool as the Sunbeam.

Didn’t he also drive an Opel?

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The old Straight Dope trick. That’s the second time I’ve fallen for that this week.

I asked you not to tell me that!

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