Any "Get Smart" fans?

The local media store had a sale recently on old TV shows, so I picked up all five seasons of “Get Smart” on DVD. What a great time I’ve been having, binge-watching! The shoe-phone, Agent 99, the cone of silence, the “Would you believe…?” Lots of fun.

Any other “Get Smart” fans here?

Loved the show as a kid–haven’t seen it in a looong time. I even liked the movie, The Nude Bomb, but again, I was just a kid when it came out.

The movie from a few years ago with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway was fun–I’m surprised they haven’t made another one.

I was a little kid watching it when it first aired in the last few seasons. I didn’t really appreciate it until I watched it years later in reruns (though now that I think of it, I did have a Get Smart lunch box when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.)

METV still airs Get Smart on Sunday nights. They recently ran some episodes from the final season, when it had moved to CBS and Max & 99 had twins. I know I’m not alone in this, but it was never that funny after they had married and had kids. Though I wonder if it had just run out of gas, as a satire, and if Buck Henry had much to do with it by then.

First few seasons are very funny though. MUCH better than any of the later movies that were made based on the show. “The Nude Bomb” or the TV movie and short lived revival that featured Andy Dick as their son or the Steven Carell film version.

LOVE IT! I used to watch it at my cousins’ house. We’d all crowd into a back bedroom and watch with the lights out. Some of the finest memories of my life.

My cousins and I were all gung-ho in the “Secret Agent” thing. James Bond and U.N.C.L.E. and John Drake. Get Smart always stung, a little, in that it was making fun of the concept…but it had enough serious drama and really scary bits (when one is young!) to allow viewers (young ones!) to take it semi-seriously.

Plus, a good many of us had really strong school-boy crushes on Barbara Feldon!

Ah, it’s the old ‘start a thread about “Get Smart”’ trick.

Agent 99fueled many a lad’s fantasy. Pre-teen Rawr! I bet she outdid Mary and Ginger Ann for the jerk off sweepstakes. Although, I always kinda wonder what said actresses think about young boys waxing the carrot to their screen personas? “Pays the bills”, “kinda cute”, " bit skeevy", “ewwwwww”, “why did I become an actress?”

And who can forget Hymie the robot? Comedy gold (at the time to a pre teen)

Phineas J. Whoopee, you’re the greatest!

That’s the second time I’ve fallen for it this month!

Third time this week!

As regards Barbara Feldon, she introduces every episode on the DVDs, and that voice! Just on the basis of that voice, I’d still like to meet her.

I watched them when they were first on, and then saw some more when they were on Nick at Night. Mel Brooks was also a co-creator, though I don’t think he had much to do with it after. The “do you believe” jokes are perfect examples of the rule of three in comedy.
I remember Barbara Feldon in the sex ad she was in before the show started, and would have watched it just for her. But Don Adams was good too.

I loved Siegfried and Starker. “Starker, dis is KAOS. Vee don’t (raspberry) here!”

Loved the show as a kid and young adult, but haven’t seen it in a while. I think I may have subconsciously connected it with Inspector Gadget (which I also loved), even though I didn’t find out they were the same person for quite a while.

I still like to pretend that Gadget really is Maxwell Smart, after some sort of accident. Dr. Claw, who is really [[COLOR="#f8f8f8"]Agent 99][/COLOR] after the same accident, went crazy and was able to corral former KAOS agents into a slightly more effective force.

Ah, yes … our old friend, the Craw! :dubious:

She was Sam’s special valentine on Cheers! Twenty years later, and she still dripped sex! :o

*“I see that what CONTROL lacks in brains, it makes up for in beauty!”

“Oh. Why … thank you!”

“I think he means me, Max…”*

Wow, I was gonna start a Get Smart thread just a few minutes ago… Missed it by that much!

I’ll be happy to tell you how much I love Get Smart. But first, I must insist on the Cone of Silence.

Loved it as a kid, still love it.

Get Smart is the rare show where the running gags never get old. I think this has to do with Don Adams’ comedic abilities as much as the writing. Every one of these still amuse me when seen in context:

“Missed it by that much!”

“…and loving it!”

“That’s the second-biggest (whatever) I’ve ever seen!”

“Would you believe…”

“If only he’d used his (whatever) for niceness instead of evil.”

“The ollllld (whatever) trick. That’s the second time I’ve fallen for it this month!”

The what, now?

I’d like to put in a word for the movie - Get Smart (2008)

OK. It wasn’t exactly fabulous. But it deserved a rating that was a lot higher than the 6.5 it got on IMDB.

Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway had good chemistry. There were a lot of funny moments. If you will just FF through most of the film, you will see one scene where Steve Carell is dancing with a very heavy-set woman. That was a truly LOL moment. I enjoyed that a lot and I enjoyed the entire movie too.

I recommend you give it a look. Anne Hathaway was extremely hot and sexy throughout. She was well worth the ticket price all by herself.