Can anybody help me with "Get Smart" memories?

STILL one of my all time favorite TV shows, I see CONTROL and CHAOS agents everyewhere in life. Rather dim bulbs saying, “Right, chief”. :smiley:

Man, I’ve always wanted a little roadster with a machinegun, and especially I still want a Cone of Silence.

Anybody care to throw in some memories, or trivia about the show?

RIght now, there are 4,239, 293 dopers preparing their responses to this question.

would you believe 3120 Garden club members?

how 'bout one cub scout in Podunk Iowa?

Heimy, the robot.
Bathrobes with “99” and “86” on them.
The shoe phone.
What did they call the finger gun?
“You already fired once.”
“This is a two-shot finger!”
“I don’t believe it!”
Smart points finger into the air.
(Smart has an ‘oh shit’ expression)

“You will be [insert dire situation]”
Smart: “And loving it.”

“Missed me by that much!”

Get Smart on TV Land
Reruns are shown on TV Land!
The earlier episodes are the best. Right now they’re showing episodes 90+, which kinda stink, in my opinion…
My department’s “team room” (a small conference room) is the “Cone of Silence” – identified as such by the plaque on the door. The key is on a keyfob that’s a little plastic TV that plays the first few bars of the theme song. There’s a framed photo of Max talking on the shoe phone on the wall. If you phone someone from the team-room’s phone, they see “Cone of Silence” on their phone display. We even managed to sneak in an email ID of Maxwell Smart…
Most people don’t “get it”, but it’s fun because of the amazed looks of the ones who do!

Bernie (Siegfried) Koppell: “Shtarker, ziss iss KAOS. Vee don’t ___ here!”

Max: “Don’t tell me they’re right behind us.”
99: “They’re right behind us.”
Max: " I ASKED you not to tell me that!"

Max: “Take THAT, you stupid, ugly baboon!”
(Max lands three utterly ineffectual punches on villain’s chin.)
Max (smiling apologetically): “Say, I hope I wasn’t out of line just now with that stupid ugly baboon stuff.”

Max: “The old gun-in-the-rabbit trick, and I fell for it.”
99: “Oh Max, sometimes I wonder if we’re any better than they are.”
Max: “Don’t say that, 99. We HAVE to kill, maim, torture and destroy. WE represent everything that’s good in the world!”

The ‘Cone of Silence’

Oh, I see that was already said.

Sorry about that, Chief!

Zev Steinhardt

Don’t call me Chief!

IIRC, Buck Henry was one of the writers.

Wasn’t there an agent 17? who always was ‘undercover’ as like part of the phone or a potted plant, things like that (I may have the number wrong)

The Chief’s first name? Thaddeus.

Double Agent: Bob Roberts!
Max: What?
DA: That’s the assassin’s name. See, everytime somebody is about to give away the villains secret identity, he always gets killed. So I said it right away, thus saving my life.
Max: Brilliant. What was the name again?
DA: Oh, the name was <BANG> Argh!

I thought his number was 13.
I loved that show. And my dad’s name is Thaddeus, so I got a kick out of the Chief having the same name.

It did switch networks near the edn of its run. Agent 86 did have cool taste in cars. Especially the killer Karmann Ghia convertible used in the last season.

Awwww, I can’t remember anything from the show besides what’s been mentioned above. pout And I really want to participate too.

So I’ll give oneof the funny gags from the movie. Max pulls up to a red curb. Leaps out of his car, rushes to the trunk and pulls out a grey carpet and lays it over the red curb, then pulls out a parking meter and sticks it on the curb and then goes inside. He did it so smoothly.
I keep thinking of funny things that might be MaxwellSmart, but then no wait, that was Frank Drebin. No wait, that was Jacques Clouseau.

The Shoe Bomber guy somehow fits into this.

And the first WTC bombers, trying to get their deposit back.

Sometimes I think of this show what I often wonder of The Simpsons – parody or frighteningly accurate description?

I’ll bet you the FBI has a shitload of Larabees.

I remember an incredibly politically incorrect episode they did where the American Indians are trying to take back the whole country:

Several times when Max said that the enemy was “the indians” another Control agent would say, “That’s impossible, India is a neutral country” to which Max responded by saying, “Ah, no sir, WU-WU-WU-WU-WU!”

Add to that their secret weapon was a giant tomahawk-shaped missile.

86: I thought you liked Agent 43.

99: Don’t be silly, Max. You’re twice the man he is!

“My father’s name was Hymie.”

Barbara Feldon was on an episode of Mad About You as the actress who played “spygirl”.

I guess that’s a hijack…useless knowledge about Get Smart actors…

Funniest scene ever, Max tries to do a trick shot in pool but ends up ripping the felt and cracking his cue in half, he then proceeds to lick both ends of the broken cue and tries to stick them back together. Believe leonard nemoy was guest star in that episode