Get Thee Behind Me, Lord & Taylor's

Well, I really needed the pajamas. Nice men’s cotton pajamas, and of course I got the matching bathrobe, because you never know when it will be cold.

And I needed the Michale Kors winter boots, too, because last year really destroyed my winter boots. These are completely weatherproof and will come in handy this year.

And the turquoise-blue chenille muffler I’ll use every day in the cold weather, and it looks extremely cute against my pale complexion.

And pearls? Well, a single strand goes with everything, and it’s not like I can wear my grandmother’s good pearls into the city, so these faux ones serve a purpose.

And that Etienne Aigner handbag has compartments for everything, even my cell phone omigod someone stop her before she buys everything in the store!!

I love buying stuff. It’s fun. And I need a new trenchcoat, and that black London Fog one with the detachable lining and hood . . . I think I better mail my credit card and ATM card to myself by the slowest possible mail route . . .

Eve, I am truly envious! No Lord & Taylor here in the outback of Charleston, SC. It has always been a favourite spot since my wee bug-hood in D.C. I say Chaaaarge ahead, dear lady (and have a lovely tea sandwich for me).

I can’t go by Williams Sonoma store without buying something.

(Upon returning home)
Mrs. ChiefScott: “What’s this! A freakin’ 18 dollar egg slicer! What in Hell were you thinking? I can get one at the dollar store!”

ChiefScott: “Well, it is a nice one, honey.”

Well, it’s not Altman’s, of course, but one makes do with what one has. I mean, I work very very hard at a job I hate very very much, and I am damn well going to use some of my paycheck to buy very very cute things.

. . . and don’t get me anywhere near a Restoration Hardware, or you might be injured in the shopping frenzy . .

This is how I feel when I’m at Macy’s.

This is why I’m staying up here in the hinterlands until January. My holiday shopping is done and I will not open myself to that kind of temptation. No, I will not.

I won’t.

I mean it.

Stop looking at me like that.

TeaElle and Eve, I am trying to get a trip to Atlanta together, sure you’re not in, dears? Sure you’re not going? Oh, come now, just a weekend is all…

This pretty much sums up the risk of going with me to any craft supply store.

As for the OP: LifeOnWry goes down on her knees to pray thusly: “Please God, don’t ever let me have enough credit to actually buy that Coach bag I’ve been coveting. You know it’ll just put me right on the road to ruin.”

We’ve got a new Nordstrom and a new Lord and Taylor here in Richmond. I’ve driven by, and had to fight the steering wheel, but I’ve managed to avoid them both. A new Williams Sonoma, too, Chef.

And, hell, I’ve got a brand new house to furnish, and could really use some new clothes, so why not?

Well, if you’re going to hell in a handbag, it might as well be from Coach!

Just LOVE Lord & Taylor. I scored a really cute pair of boots there last year, ON SALE.

Things I want:

  1. Jean jacket to go with my cute Boston Proper skirt and buckskin boots.

  2. Chadwicks’ white angora sweater with bell sleeves. Mmmmmm…it’s like wearing a kitty to work with you!

  3. Some fun jewelry. Mr. Kalhoun buys me NICE stuff all the time. I want something carefree and colorful.

  4. A really cute winter hat. I’m thinking a dusty rose or maybe tobacco brown.

  5. More boots. Maybe suede. Chocolate brown suede.

My sister used to work at the Lord and Taylor’s in suburban Philadelphia. I asked her why they were doing so well, and she shrugged and said, “They treat their customers well.” Good products and great customer service–hard to beat that combination.

One other thing she noticed about L and T–they rewarded customer floor people who were doing a good job. For a couple of months my sister was the object of a tug-of-war between the cosmetics and sportswear departments…both of the department directors wanted her on their staff, because she was doing a good job in dealing with customer questions and complaints (and not coincidentally raising sales). Sportswear won and rewarded her with a big salary boost–only five months after she’d started working at L and T.

The Bala Cynwyd one? I spent most of my childhood there, it seems. What a shame, the Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center has become such a pit.

Eons ago, when I was but a Baboonette, I read Are you there God, it’s me Margaret.

I recall one part of the story has the mom (grandma?) buying something for Margaret at Lord and Taylors.

We had no such store and to a 12 year old, it sounded simply exotic.

When I moved here, I saw a Lord and Taylor store at the mall. I simply had to go and check it out.

It’s funny how some things stick with you.

That’s the one! Just as an aside, did you pronounce Bala Cynwyd as “Bala Kin-wood”? My Welsh friends were horrified by that…

Waaaaaaaaait, I thought that the Welsh pronunciation was Bala Kin-wid or Kin-wood or something along those lines. Please don’t tell me I’ve been saying it wrong all these years, I’ll just cry.

And no, I will not go to Atlanta. Do not tempt me. Do not try to talk me into it. I will not go to Atlanta or the Bala Cynwood mall or 34th Street or the mall I found out is 20 minutes from this house. I will not go. No, I will not go. Not for shopping, at least.

< Mommie Dearest > No. Shopping. EVER! < /Mommie Dearest>

At least not until the January sales.

It 's “Bala Kin-wood” where I come from . . . I remember that shopping center in the '60s–early ‘70s. The Lord & Taylor’s ladies’ room looked like a French whorehouse, all gilded mirrors and fake Louis XII furniture.

There was a Doubleday, a drugstore with the best milkshakes, a Woolworth’s with a fish & bird section and an old-fashioned lunch counter, a Bailey Banks & Biddle jewelry store . . . all gone now, except the L&T.

Hmmm . . . I need a new watch, mine just disintegrated.

. . . That should be “Louis XVI,” not “Louis XII,” who lived around 1500 and probably had fairly crappy furniture.

OK, Eve dear, I respect your fashion sense, but as someone who has just sworn off L & T because of their crappy customer service, I can tell you, you can have them.

They do not do transfers of items between stores and as I was looking for the ** head wrap of my dreams** ($150.00 SRP in the fall L & T catalouge) they did not even offer to call the other L&T stores in the Chicago area to see who had them. They couldn’t even give me the phone numbers of the other stores, I had to go online and find them myself. When I found the wrap, downtown and went down to get it, the sales person treated me to a blank stare and a jaw going two fifty cracking her gum.

Give me Nordstrom’s any day where they will actually call stores or ship items and make me feel like my $$$ means something to them.

So, happy shopping love!!!

Ah, you see, that’s the advantage of being right near the main New York store. But I know what you mean—Talbot’s charges, like $25 to get something from another branch. I think not!