Get Well Wishes for Simple Dreamer

Earlier today, Simple Dreamer and I were talking, and she told me she was having some stomach pain. “It started in church,” she said. “It’s on my lower right side. I can’t stand up all the way, and I’m a little nauseated.” After arguing for about 15 minutes, I finally got her to go in to the E.D. She called a friend from there, and he informed me she was going in for an emergency appendectomy. She’s going to be fine, they got it in plenty of time. But she’ll be absent from the board for a little while.

Feel better, Dream Girl. We’ll miss you.

Hope you feel better soon!


Just got a call from Simple Dreamer. She’s doing well, a little tired. They’re keeping her an extra day just to make sure she’s alright, but she’s in good spirits and wants to come home NOW. :rolleyes: So she must be feeling better.

Hopefully she didn’t draw Gobear’s nurse…