Get yer commute rants here!

  1. School buses. Most particularly school buses that stop at every. freakin’. driveway. on. the. block. Can’t children congregate at one driveway or something? Apparently not, because this leads me to …

  2. It’s a beautiful day here in NW NJ. About 55 or so this AM (8ish), and sunny. Why do Junior & Sissy have to sit in the SUV in weather like this? Is it too much to ask that they be ready to board the bus when it arrives…and not take 40 minutes to straggle out of the vehicle and on to the bus?

  3. SAHMs that feel compelled to carry on a chatty little conversation with Mister Bus Driver long after Junior & Sissy have boarded on. Hello? If you need to speak to the driver, can you not call the bus company & discuss the matter? Past that, a wave & a “have a great day” is really all that’s polite when you have commuters waiting behind the bus.

  4. Landscapers. OK - not the landscapers themselves, but the damned caravans they travel with, and in. Could you maybe haul the convoy into the gas station a little before rush hour and fill up then? Or at least park conscientiously when you do come in during rush hour?

  5. Massive pieces of construction equipment. I know…I know…like the landscapers, they have to make a living - I understand this. (This is my rant, I’ll have it my way, thank you :slight_smile: ). However, like #4 - can’t they get that 5-Caterpillar brigade on the road a bit earlier?

  6. Foliage fanatics. Hey! They have autumn leaves in OTHER states, too! :slight_smile:

  7. Sight-seeing folks. Yep - Mendham & Harding have BEAUTIFUL mansions. They’ll be there AFTER RUSH HOUR TOO!!!

  8. Must women who walk in the morning do so 8 abreast on narrow 2-lane country roads?
    Thank you. I feel better already.


Ah NJ, #1 in crappy traffic.
I’m a parkway commando.
I just need to know why people don’t understand of a 3-4 lane divided and low access Highway, that “stay right except to pass” applies to them also.

One more, flashing your lights once was once a polite truck driver method to request you move aside, not an FU. So why do the people above take personal affront to it.

Ack! I hate the syndrome described in #2 of the OP.

I bought the house I grew up in, so now I see the neighborhood kids at the bus stop I used to go to when I was a kid. The difference? When I was a kid, we would stand on the corner where the bus stopped, rain or shine. Kids nowadays? Mom drives them to the bus stop. Every. Damned. Day.

What I don’t get is why Mom doesn’t drive the kid to school. It’s early. You’re already in the freaking car. Why not just drive the couple miles and drop the kid off instead of waiting there for the bus to show up?

Because people are too fucking stupid to notice the first time you do it, so now by the time they notice, it’s because you’re 5 inches from their rear bumper and honking your horn as you flash your brights vigorously.

Seriously, the people who take offense at things are mostly the ones that don’t get the subtle hints.

#3 is a true classic.

First Mommie must guard her brood in the driveway, lest they be kidnapped by flying monkeys or He Who Must Not Be Named. Then she must personally shepherd them onto the school bus, stopping to chat with the driver at length…about what? Proper route speed? How to keep Junior safe from the other little monsters? Is she trying to get a whiff of the driver’s breath for the telltale odor of peppermint schnapps?

If you’re that overprotective lady, take 'em in yourself.

That explains it. Thanks

I love your user name. My favorite Comics character.

Hope you decide to join, Welcome in the meantime.

After last night’s drive, I was debating whether to start a rant on this very subject. I’ve cooled off a little bit since I got home but here goes…

Fucking hell people. It is a goddamn car with a fucking flat tire. A flat fucking tire. A tire which no longer holds air. An ex-tire. It is NOT Elvis, a bunch of naked people performing oral sex on seals, free food, an ambulance full of dead bodies, or next week’s winning lotto numbers. Why then do we have to slow down to 15 mph in order to drive past the aforementioned car with a flat tire? The shoulder is 30 feet wide, the car is well off the freeway, there is no kneeling ass-crack half in the slow lane that you have to avoid…why is this so complicated???

Wow that was last night, we call that the daily commute in Joisey. :wink:

I think they might be pissed because you’re flashing your brights; low-beams is the recommended method.

Interesting the last 3 cars I have had, you can flash the high beams and not the standard. Would anyone notice flashing low beams in the daylight?
I will ask my Dad when I get the chance, he was in trucking for 40 years. I learned this from a truck driver when I was 13 or so.

When we were travelling to visit friends on the East Coast last year, New Jersey was the only state I felt entirely at home at on the freeways. That says something about Bay Area traffic I don’t want to examine too closely.

Because it’s become an FU. It’s become an "I’m more important than you, I want to drive in the roadspace you’re already often using to overake other vehicles. If it were genuinely an indication of your presence, and a suggestion that there’s room for you to move into, no driver would do it five inches from your bumper, nor do it ‘vigorously’, etc. Nope, hang on…

I was rear-ended last night.

My contribution is fairly straightforward.

I’m fine, thanks.

If I’m merging onto the freeway into your lane, adjust your speed to facilitate merging. DO NOT accelerate so that you can squeeze past me at the last second, only to have to hit your brakes because you’re coming up on the next car too fast, causing me to have to hit my brakes, which is something one shouldn’t have to do when merging onto the freeway. Thank you. Asshole.

I just thought I’d drop in and add my own commute rants…

1- Fuck the mouthbreathers on CA-85. Fuck every one of them.

2- Fuck the mouthbreathers on CA-85 who somehow think they need to slow down to 15 mph as they pass a fellow motorist who is receiving a ticket, only to accelerate to 90mph only 50 feet past the police.

3- Fuck the retarded commuters on 85 who pass “ghost wrecks”(i.e. a few pieces of broken plastic on the side of the road with no cars), and stare in amazement at what was surely a car accident…5 hours previous.

4- Fuck the retards who can’t figure out how to merge, when to merge, what speed to merge at, and can’t figure out that moving traffic on the fucking freeway has right-of-way. Yes, retards, RIGHT-OF-WAY! That means you find a way to merge WITH me, not risk your lives by forcing your way into the lane of traffic unsafely.

I could go on and on, but I’ll add only one additional rantlet:

5- Fuck the moron in the Yellow VW New Beetle with the mullet who was looking at oncoming traffic when trying to exit the fucking freeway on Friday. You didn’t seem to notice that the rest of us came to a stop. You hit ME in my wife’s new fucking 2006 Accord EX-L(with Nav!) You fucked up the end of my week, destroyed the bumper and such, gave me a fucked up case of whiplash, and generally just put me in af oul mood as I drove all the way back home not 2 hours after getting to work so I could drive the car to th shop with the bumper barely hanging on.

We had the car one month to the day before some moron wrecked it, and it just HAD to be the first and only time I borrowed it from my wife!

If I could quit my job and stop commuting I would.


Wow, that’s some bile-spewing I just did. :shock:

Well, Maureen can attest to what I speak of. 50 miles a day with 90% of the idiots in the greater bay area does some bad things to your head.


Las Vegas reporting in! These particular problems are probably not unique to here, but here goes:

  1. Hey, Gramps! Yes, you! It isn’t bad enough that you spent your grandchildren’s inheritance on a fucking motor home when it’s obvious you’d have a hard time with a fucking Corolla, but do you HAVE to take it on the interstate at 30 GODDAMN MILES PER HOUR?

  2. To the inbred shit-for-brains in the F-150: You just cut me off on a local street so you could get ahead of me when the next light is RED!!!

  3. To 95% of big pick-up drivers: Why do you drive a pick-up when it’s obvious that you never actually HAUL anything larger than your fucking RAZR phone?

Most of the other stuff has already been mentioned.

Attention fellow Texans.

STAY THE FUCK OFF THE SERVICE ROADS UNLESS YOU’RE ENTERING OR EXITTING THE HIGHWAY. Do not get on the service roads because you think they’ll be faster then the highway, then merge back on. You’re only making the traffic worse by causing unnecessary merges. Stop it.

I cross the U.S./Mexico border every day to go to school and work and the worst part of it are foreigners (i.e. people who are niether americans nor mexicans) who are just bewildered by the whole thing and hold up the already huge pedestrian line by either:

  1. Not getting in line (as if they were somehow exempt from it) and pissing off the border patrol who have to send them back to Mexico.


  1. Holding it up by having either one of them stay in line while the others shop the vendors on the mexican side or show up or whatever or just blatantly walking out of their position in the line to smoke and sit down and then try to get back in it. :rolleyes:

The worst perpetrator of these offenses is what I call “the wednesday morning Irish horde”. Every wednesday at 6:00 am about 200 drunk and hung-over irish foreign exchange students show up with their american handlers and just clog up the whole pedestrian side of the border crossing by forming their little fucking cliques just outside the customs building or right on the border itself where the pedestrian line passes through and blocking the way for everyone else trying to cross, this turns a 50 person line into a 1000 person, 2 hour pile-up :mad:! People are trying to get to work you goddamn morons!

Too add insult to injury I still have to ride the damn trolley with them all the way to downtown San Diego.

So if you’re irish and drunk please don’t go to Mexico, I’ll have to kill you.

Why the hell did it take me an hour to get from work to the Rosemont el station yesterday evening? Usually it takes 20 minutes - half an hour. I even left work a little early because I wanted to go to shul. How often do I go to shul? Never! But I wanted to go yesterday. So, fuck you, drivers on I-90, for ruining my plans.