Get your 12MB of goodness NOW!

Ayup, the partnership with finally went through!

“Sign up for 12MB of FREE hosting at! You don’t even have to know HTML! There is a really fancy Site Builder that lets you use templates to create multi-page websites lickety split!” Click here for all the rest of the steamy details and to get your free site thingie now!

If ya gots questions, just lemme know.

Oh. My. God.

From The Book of Oswald 2:45 - The Root Locus
“. . . and so, the heavens opened up, and glory poured forth: for the Chosen One himself said, ‘Yea, for I have given you another way to smite ignorance.’ So let it be written, so let it be done . . .”

As soon as I get home, I am sooo there. . .

Cool! I’m signin’ up.

But…but…but…I dont know HOW to make a website! What should I make it about? About me? About my cat? OOOH, the pressure! Is this a limited space thing? Should I get an account “just in case”, or will it be there if I ever get creative enough to make a webpage?

I wanna be on the bandwagon, but I don’t play any instruments, nor can I sing!

Great timing - my freebie page at MSN Communities has been dumped twice. I don’t have any deep, profound stuff to share, but I like to post photos of me and mine so my legions of fans can drool and fantasize…

Or not. Anyway, once I get home, I’ll be checking this out. Thanks, Opal!

  1. I’m in.
  2. I don’t know what to do for a web page yet.
  3. Thanks Opal!

mnemosyne: Just use the web page to host all the pictures that SDMB policies won’t let you link to. Duh. I’m sure Opal won’t mind. :slight_smile:

I think I’m in, but who’s paying for this, OpalCat?

I just signed up… now what to do with the space besides embedding my journal into it??? I’ll figure it out later.

Thanks Opal. Worldeater.teeming etc will be up soon. Bwahahah!

partly_warmer: well, if you use the free option, the ads pay for it. If you upgrade, your payments pay for it. I don’t have to pay to bring you this service because I bring them the customers by using them.

(“them” = with whom I have partnered for this)
For those who don’t know how to make a site, try the Site Builder. It uses templates and simple forms and stuff and makes pretty decent sites, considering.

Awesome! I just signed up for

Thanks, Opal!

Just a quick question:

From the sign up page -

How occasional are the occasional pop-ups and how much spam / promotional e-mailswill they send me?

Oh, yeah, baby.

scout1222.teemings is now created - nothin’s on it yet, but I know you’re all biting your nails in anticipation…

Tuco: I really don’t know :frowning: it’s $1.99 to get it shut off – that’s all I know. I’m as new to this as you are.

I have noticed that the popups tend to be when you close the page, not when you open it, so that is at least one small favor.

Oooooh!! I’d love to! Please, sign me up!


I mean, I am going to sign up. Heh. :slight_smile:


Cool, Opal! Thanks!


Woohoo! Thanks, Opal! :slight_smile: