Get your connection Juice Boosted!

What’s the deal with this ?

Has anyone tried it? Does it work?

Seems suspiciously like a scam to me.

Without an “referral or affiliate ID”, I can’t get into the site to see what they’re talking about.

If I click on “Tell me more”, the page just reloads itself.

Ah, Googling:

More info

Isn’t this what NetZero claims to be able to do?

How odd. It’s an affiliate based multi-level marketing scheme, selling member ships and dealerships for a run of the mill compression cache boosted dial up ISP connection service that’s a networked connection of marketing affiliates.

See here It’s classic multi-level speak. Apparently this crap is worldwide now.

No, NetZero High Speed uses caching techniques to improve the speed of page loading, and can (in some cases) actually load a page as much 5 times faster than uncached download direct from the website you’re viewing. It takes advantage of the (normally) much faster connection between you and your ISP server than that between you and a typical website’s server. There’s no magic here, really.

On the other hand, the claims made by JUICE sound like complete bullshit. A consistent, guaranteed 2 MB over a v.90 56k connection? Yeah, right.