Get Your Flu Shot

Just wanted to remind everyone. :slight_smile:

I do it every year.

Had it done today; was aware my local Costco was having a session. I stood in the line for about 1 hour; new personal record for waiting for a flu shot!

I got mine a week or two ago. I was in the doctor’s office and there was a notice at the front desk that the flu vaccines were in. So I got one. The doctor was only too happy to give me one…in fact, she injected it herself, rather than have a nurse do it.

My doctor must be a masochist, she used to be a nurse and then put herself through medical school.

I got mine free at work last Wednesday.

I got mine last week. FWIW, this year’s formula made me a bit sluggish the next day, not sick and nothing big time, just more drag a** than I usually am. Certainly nothing compared to getting the flu.

Please, please, please get it. Remember that the influenza virus recombines easily, and the strains you were immunized for last year may not present a problem, virulence-wise, but new strains are appearing all the time.

  • tsarina, your resident microbiologist. :slight_smile:

I want to put in a good word for pneumonia vaccinations, too. While they’re not for everyone, I think that they’re sadly underused. I used to get several bouts of pneumonia each year, have to go on steroids to breathe and antibiotics to clean out the infection. Now I don’t have ANY bouts. The pneumonia shot lasts for quite a few years, too. I’m thinking it’s 10 years, but don’t quote me on that. If you have recurring pneumonia, ask your doctor about this shot!

We get ours at work, too, and my Mom’s getting hers as soon as she gets over her sinus infection. The one year I didn’t get one, I was sicker than three pups.

It’s been a while since I had a bout with the flu. But next weekend, Knox County is doing “Flu Shot Saturday”, and providing flu shots free (with donations accepted).

I figure I’ll wander down to the HS near me where they are doing them, get a shot and donate what I can (likely $5-$10, since payday isn’t until the 31st).

The only thing I’m worried about is that I feel like I’m developing a cold. Will that keep me from being able to get one (I noticed the sinus infection comment that Eve made)?

Based on what happened when I got my shot yesterday, that may the case - the consent form I filled out had a question asking if I currently had “a cold, fever, or acute illness” and the nurse who took my payment also specifically asked if I was currently ill.

Got mine about 2 hours ago. I’m a first timer this year. I always get the flu, let’s see what happens this year.

I’ve never had a flu shot, but now that I’m active duty I’ll be getting one this year. I’m interested to see how it affects me. Though, theoretically, the shot cannot make you sick, I’ve watched Bluesman feel like crap for a couple of days every year after he gets his.

As I’ve never had flu in my fortysome years, I don’t think I’ll bother with a shot. Can I sell my antibodies somewhere?

How much you want? I get the flu every year, sometimes twice, November and March. It usually lasts about 5 weeks, then a couple more weeks of the blahs. Every year it gets worse, I can’t even get out of bed for a couple weeks. So, yeah, send those antibodies my way. :slight_smile: