Get your milk and cookies ready. Iranian warships coming to US coast.

Lets welcome them with milk and cookies shall we. :stuck_out_tongue: They came such a long distance to [del]annoy[/del] visit and embrace us. Perhaps we should host a barbeque? I’ll bring the beer.

I wonder how many ships will shadow them.

I just hope none of them will accidentally shoot down one of our civilian airliners with a sea-launched missile, killing all aboard. Surely not even they are that reckless.

What would be epically cool would be if a US Navy ship met them out there with an absolutely cordial and friendly greeting. Captain or senior officer going over on a small craft to salute and welcome them and offer them anything they may need after their long trip. Hey, we brought 20 gallons of ice cream for you as a welcoming gift. Need anything else?

After all, they pose absolutely no threat to us. There’s no need to be dicks about their visit. Being totally welcoming and cordial would probably cause their heads to explode.

I’ve heard we always shadowed the Soviet ships and subs that were off our coast. We’ll have to expend Naval resources to do the same for this Iranian destroyer. I’d imagine we want a quick response capability in case they do anything provocative.

Ships make good missile platforms. There’s a lot of rich targets on our East coast.

One of these things is not like the other.

Obviously, we’re not in any real danger; the Iranians are not that stupid.
It would be best to just ignore them…or, better yet, give 'em some milk and cookies.**

But the military doesn’t train cadets to ignore things or to fire milk-and-cookie launchers…
So some poor enlisted guys are going get their leaves cancelled, and be stuck shadowing those ships 24 hours a day.

*(*But not ice cream–that’s only for good friends.
Except double-chocolate fudge…that’s only for lovers.)

Back in the early 90’s, when the Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist Church were really getting into picketing, especially other churches, they picketed a church in Kansas City, Missouri. The folks in the targeted church came out to offer the WBC coffee and doughnuts. They were rudely rejected. One man asked “Are those the doughnuts with the AIDS virus?” to which the young girl replied doubtfully “I don’t think so.”

True story, I have the video of the incident on VHS tape.

Maybe the Iranians would be rude to any “friendly overtures” How else are they going to prove how tough and resolute they are?

Maybe the Iranians will bring tea and caviar , all sit around on Persian carpets and chat.

Oooh, I can hardly wait. I understand some of those carpets can fly.

Turnabout is fair play. They’re entitled to send their warships wherever they please in international waters.

Jesus Ace, isn’t it exhausting being this scared and outraged all the time?

Sure, they can send their crappy warships anywhere in international waters, and there’s no reason for anyone to freak out. We already crippled one of those ships once before. Seriously.

But we’ve heard this before. And before that.

I’m finding it hard to care. I do want to pat them on the head and tell them “Awwww, that’s so cute.”

That’s what I want to ask half the posters here. Wouldn’t you love to just chill for a while?

I think the Iranian Navy knows better than to fool around with the US Navy, especially since they came out of the last major incident rather the worse for wear.

There’s more than likely a frigate or destroyer already on patrol somewhere off the East Coast anyway, so they’ll just probably send those guys to keep an eye on them; no liberty cancelled, etc…

Why send a frigate or destroyer when you have all those attack submarines? Just have one shadow them. The Iranians will never see or hear a thing… but they’ll know it’s there.

So, are you seeing anybody at the moment?:stuck_out_tongue:

Look at the adowable Iranian Senior Navel Commander!

A gallon of frozen strawberries for the officers’ mess, perhaps.

(polite clap) Well played, sir. Well played.

ETA: That was on the other night. Never saw it, but I read the Mad parody. Mad did much to make me look like I’m culturally literate.