Get Your Own Mob Nickname

When I put in “Ronald” for my first name, I’m The Abalone.
What the…? I guess I need to run to an online dictionary as soon as I finish the post.

When I put in “ron” as my first name, I’m The Delicious.
So great, now even computer programs are mistakenly thinking I’m gay.

When I put in “Crunchy Frog”, I’m The Icepick.
Now we’re talkin’. Fuggedaboudit.

No Mercy

Hell yeah. That name rocks!


I tried it with James rahter then Jim and got Junior Mint, i think i’ll stick with that.

** Ruthless **


** Blue Eyes **

I think those will fit me nicely. Yea, I can see them combined too, to get ** Ruthless Blue Eyes **

The Gimp

Hey! That’s my brother’s nickname!

Oh wow! I thought you were great in Pulp Fiction!

OK, if I put my first name in as David, I get the Mobname “Dreamboat”. If I enter it as Dave, my Mob moniker is “Cedar Teeth”.

This for a man who earns his living as a hired killer.


When I put in Theresa I get Napalm

With Arden Ranger I get Weed Whacker
(Someone musta squealed about my ability to kill plants in a single day)

But putting in Thera Thomas makes me The Bishop.
(I’m trying to decide if that says something about my preferance for younger men)

When I enter Cristi (the name I use in daily life), I get The Compass. BWAAAHAHAHA! Riiiiiiiight. I still have to write “R” and “L” on my own damn shoes.

When I use Laura, which is my actual first name, I get The Undertaker." This is a little better.

But when I use Persephone, I get The Merciless. Oh yeah. That’s it. :smiley:

The Heartbreaker

Another Twinkle Toes chiming in.

With my real name, I came out “The Mangler”. With my screen name, I got “The Ugly”. I can’t win.

Heh. I’m The Vampire.

At least I didn’t get The Guy Who Can’t Get Any Play, which would be more accurate.

I got “The Mannequin”.

Ya’ know, I think I can live with that!


Baby Buns

I think that pretty much sums it up.

I be bein’ The Pipsqueak
The Pipsqueak? Really now, I don’t think I’d get much respect with THAT!
Hmm…I could also be The Harpoon using my nickname, that’s kinda cool, or The Mortician using my SDMB name. I’m liking this now.

I’d say hello and nice to meet you guys, but I’m The Ostrich, so you wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway, since my head’s burried in the sand.

Some mobster I’ll make.

And I really wanted to shoot someone, too. :frowning:

I am The Hawk with my RL name, and The Mouthpiece with my screen name. Both pretty good, I am pleased. The Mouthpiece in particular seems suited for the times when I speak in Cecil’s name and smite people for misbehaving in Great Debates. :smiley:

Hell I’m happy with my mob nickname I’m The Spaniard. I can’t help but think of Russel Crowe in the movie Gladiator and think yup that is a kick ass nickname. Oh my board name is Lonely Guy I think I’ll stick with my real name on this one.

Fear me… for I am… The Toweller!

Okay, what precisely the f*#k does that mean?