Get Your Own Mob Nickname

In the spirit of porn names…Wu Tang names etc…
Apparently I am “The Self-Toucher”

We are not amused :frowning:

Your not amused?!?! According to my Mob Name I am The Ugly.

I am not amused. At least The Self Toucher would be accurate for me.

I’m “The Lone Drinker”

I’m Childlike Complexion heh…Baby Face.

They call me…“Pants”.
So where do I live, in a Dick Tracey cartoon?

Hows THAT for instilling fear in my enemies?

I guess if you “creased” me, I wouldn’t kill you. I’d give you the “permanent press”.

Cecil Adams => “The Quill” hmmmm maybe we’re on to something here…

Extra Arm?! I guess it sounds kind of impressive… if you’re really looking for it to sound like something. Sort of like the guy they call in when the usual “Arms” (as we mob types like to call ourselves) can’t handle the job. Amatuers…

Hey! I’m The Squealer!

[sub]I think I’d better get my ass outta this thread-[/sub] NOW!:eek:

Bizarre! That’s what I came out as, too!

I’d put a contract out on ya over this, but they’d probably shoot me by mistake anyway. sigh


Knuckles? What’s up with that?
My uncle just calls me Krissy. I think I like that much better.
I will let you all know that my husband isn’t very happy with The Squealer! He is never going to hear the end of this.
Thank you Dave for future laughs!

The Stare.

Hell yeah. :smiley:

The Bastard???

Never really been called that before… what I’m called is ANOTHER b word… most of the time! :slight_smile:

The Butcher, Baker and Candlemaker

Hey, I’m the Holy Trinity of Mob-dom! :wink:

(FWIW: I’ve always thought my roommate’s name with the mob would be Fat Tony. But nobody tell him I said that, ok?)

(OH GOD! I just tried my roommate’s name and it comes up: “The Knitter” lol)

[pretending anyone cares]
BTW, this is done merely by adding up the number value of the letters in your name (A=1,B=2,etc.) and taking that modulus 90, which gives the index of the array holding all the names.
[/pretending anyone cares]

The Comprehensive List:
“The Stare”
“Twinkle Toes”
“The Toweler”
“The Ox”
“The Xerox”
“The Bastard”
“Twenty Eyes”
“Extra Arm”
“Hair Lip”
“The Funny Moustache”
“Chimpy Nuts”
“The Blossom”
“Childlike Complexion”
“Baby Buns”
“Sweet Nostrils”
“Weed Whacker”
“The Compass”
“Junior Mint”
“Gandhi Mangler”
“The Delicious”
“Cedar Teeth”
“The Grown Up”
“The Butcher, Baker and Candlemaker”
“Lonely Guy”
“The Self-Toucher”
“The Lone Drinker”
“Kids Incorporated”
“The Coin Operator”
“The Heartbreaker”
“The Mannequin”
“The Hobo Clown”
“Fancy Pants”
“The Abalone”
“The Bishop”
“The Butcher”
“The Clam”
“Del Murder”
“The Executioner”
“The Enforcer”
“The Fist”
“The Gimp”
“The Harpoon”
“The Hawk”
“The Icepick”
“The Island”
“The Jeweler”
“The Jury-Tamperer”
“The Just”
“The Knitter”
“The Lemming”
“The Mad Russian”
“The Mangler”
“The Merciless”
“The Mortician”
“The Mouthpiece”
“No Mercy”
“No Thumbs”
“The Ogre”
“The Ostrich”
“The Pipsqueak”
“The Pope”
“The Porpoise”
“The Quill”
“The Rooster”
“The Sicilian”
“Six Toes”
“The Spaniard”
“The Squealer”
“Three Fingers”
“The Tiger”
“Two Fists”
“The Ugly”
“The Umpire”
“The Undertaker”
“The Vampire”
“The Venetian”
“The Vole”
“The Waterboy”
“The Wishbone”
“The Xenophobe”
“The Yak”
“The Yodeler”
“The Zebra”


The Xerox.

Careful, I may copy my ass and send it to your wife. :wink:

I am The Undertaker

All now must bow before me lest I unlease my rath upon you.

sigh…that would be unleash. My cousin, The Undertower can unlease that car for you.

So many choices, and we end up with the same one… Coincidence?

If youse guys are thinkin I don’t know what direction we’re headed, fuggitaboutit. Meet The Compass.

My wife would die laughing if she heard that one. She’s always accusing me of getting us lose. It’s not my fault I tell you.

OK, I just put in my screen name. It came back with The Delicious. That’s just damnably disturbing.