Get your taxonomic designation, by Doobieous

Our favorite chat addict Doobieous has generously offered to provide each and every one of the teeming several with their latin scientific name, following the standard for zoological nomenclature.

Doob, or Anthophyta Filipinus, will assign you a binomial latin name that is appropriate based on your common name, origin, and social traits.

I beleive its important for the Straight Dope Message Board to continue its quest to eradicate ignorance by honoring the scientific mandate to logically name and order ourselves.

Thank you for your cooperation.

ducks and runs far far away

Well, let me be first to step up and piss Doob off by asking for my designation. I’m sure he’ll come up with something real special for me.

Nice one, Omni

Okay, bring it on.

Me too, please. (I’ve always felt like a separate species… And I know a little zoological Greek and Latin, so watch your step!)

I’ll take one too, Doob!

Thank goodness I’ve already bribed him with a couple of semi-narcotic island barbecue skewers.

Start smokin’ Doob!

You know, I always regretted that I never got in on the steamy love letters from Chef Troy… So, Doob, what’s my scientific name?

MMMMMM latin scientific name.
Ok - I am game - let’s see what you can concoct for a wyldelf.

[sits and waits patiently to be assigned]

Have at us, Doobus Maximus! And don’t forget me :smiley:

— G. Raven

Gee, maybe I’m not an Otus asio floridanus was newyorkus.
Ya know, I’ve always felt like I’m a different species trapped in an owl’s body. So what am I really?

[Serendipity when was ChefTroy doing love letters!? Damn, I always miss some of the great ones!]

Me too please!

----:p/ x o x o x

I would like one, too, Doob :slight_smile:

I’ll sign up early.

Me too.

Count me in for a taxiderm…I mean, tax…taxo…taxomomnic designation, Doob.

…Lay it on me bro, I’m guessing the word “canis” will somehow be involved though…

Sure, why not! I can always use another name to add to my collection…

I’m a fool…give me a latin name…and remember it has to be done in italics :wink: J/K


Do me Doob!

I wanna be a plant!

Do me Doob!

Yeah, sure… I’m game. (and we’ll avoid the obvious Turdus migratorius :smiley: )


[sub]T. migratorius is the sp. name for the American robin[/sub]