Get your zombie survival training here.

Worth two credits. I just might sign up for this class.

I learned all MY zombie survival skills watching “The Walking Dead” . Can I get life skills credit for that?

I think the pink haired girl on the right got lost on her way to a My Chemical Romance concert. There isn’t a drop of fake blood on her.

I remember talking to an emergency manager once a few months ago who said they were considering using some zombie survival training material in their own program. What she said was something along the lines of ‘if you prepare for a zombie apocalypse, then you’ve pretty much prepared for anything’. I heard there is some group out there who prepares for the ZA and who’s members help local and state EOC preparation and training, as well as help out during emergencies, so while it might sound weird, I know of at least a few emergency services types who take it seriously…well, take the preparations part seriously, and encourage people to prepare themselves and their homes and go-kits as if a zombie apocalypse COULD happen.


Zombie Squad is one of the groups I know of.

I don’t know how to explain it, but I LOVE anything zombie survival-related. I swear I’m gonna take that class.

I am not sure about reviving a six month old thread about zombies, but at the risk for creating a zombie thread about zombies

10 Must Have Herbs For Zombie Survival

I found this today and felt it might be relevant!

They should have made it 11, and added on Cannabis Sativa. If the zombie apocalypse strikes, there’s no way I’m *not *becoming a pothead.