Getting a Job In Another City

How is the best way to do this. My last job I was a Reservation Manager at a high end Hotel. I got laid off after they eliminated the position.

I thought about, well I’d really like to move, someplace warm, San Fran, San Diego, Miami.

What is the best way to do this? I don’t have enough saved to go to one of these cities and spend weeks there looking.

Any Ideas??

Mark, the way I did it when I moved back to Michigan was to look for the local paper on the internet. The city I was moving to published all their classified ads on the web so that was a great advantage. You could make a trip out to one of the cities and find a place to live. Save up enough money to be able to be out of work (if you had to) for at least 2 months, then move and look for work once you get there. It’ll be easier for you to interview that way. The cash may be hard to come up with though.

Similar to Bunny’s post, i looked online in many places 9including papers) to get a job in the city I wanted. Luckily they paid for all my relocation expenses.

I do suggest finding a job first, then make a small precursory trip to look for an apt.

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  1. Try , or .
  2. Check the classifieds in the online edition of each city’s newspaper. The one for Miami is (where I get my Dave Barry fix!).
  3. Check out the web sites for potential employers and see if they have any postings for your cities of choice.

I noticed you used “warm” and “San Fran” in the same sentence. You may want to research the climate before moving there!

As an aside, San Francisco is warm compared to say, Michigan, but not to San Diego or Miami.

Keep in mind that CA has unbelievably high cost-of-living, so I hope you’ve got some money saved up.

Contact the colleges in the areas you’re looking at that have hotel management (or whatever it’s called) programs. See what kind of job listings they have that don’t make the classifieds.

Network, network, network. Let all your buddies at other hotels know you’re looking.
The manager at the local Generic Chain may know Miami’s Generic Chain doesn’t have an opening, but Pensacola’s does.

Good Luck!