Getting a Job

Getting a Job…

I dunno how it is anywhere else in the world, but in my small little corner of the world i am finding it very complicated in finding a job. It seems that there are so many adults unemployed these days and they take the jobs normally given to a teenager. Persay Taco Bell, Mcdonalds, Baskin Robbins. Ive looked in a number of places and they just ARNT hiring. And now hospitals dont hire people my age. AHH! And im gonna scream if i have to hear another…“you need to get a job” speech from my parents.

I’m having trouble finding employment too. It seems that no one wants to hire someone part-time. I can’t do full-time though because of summer courses.

Ah yes. The lovely job search.
I’m 18, don’t have my own transport, and attend university. It’s funny how the people who were hiring suddenly aren’t hiring anymore :rolleyes: