Job searches suck, really

(This is so NOT a pit thread)

Well, at least the waiting part of them does.

I’ve had a couple of phone interviews in the last week. Ok, the last 3 business days. One I think went really well, but I don’t think the one today went anywhere near as well. Which is ok.

The worst part of the phone interview is the waiting. See, they call you and set up a time, and then I have to shut the cats in the bedroom, turn off the television, and such. And then you wait for them to call. And sometimes they’re a couple of minutes past the time (or my clocks are different from theirs), and then you have to wait longer than you planned.

And sometimes your on the phone with them and feel like it’s going poorly enough that you’d like to hit the disconnect button right then and there. But you keep slogging through it.

Someday I’ll have a job again. Maybe then I can feed the kitties the good stuff. Until then, it’s Meow Mix for them, and they’ll like it.

I feel ya.

For the past several months I had been looking for a part-time job, and for so long I was just so unsuccessful that I started applying at furniture stores. I’m a 20-year-old young woman and wanted to work at a bank or in retail.

There was a time when a no-work experience teenager could get a job in a week, and there I was, a university student, being unemployed for months. My lack of experience didn’t exactly help.

I finally got a job early this month. I don’t get paid a lot, but it’s a start.

I wanted to add something more relevant to your post.

I, too, hated waiting for a call. I always had so much faith into getting a job after an interview, that I ended up not applying at other stores until I was sure I didn’t get the job. I wasted a lot of valuable time that way.

I hear ya. Two years ago when I started my masters’ program it was all “Oooh, the profession is graying, there’s jobs everywhere, go where you want to go, lucky yoooou! Especially in tech services!” And now it’s “Er, hiring freeze. Sorry about that. And we’re consolidating tech services. How’d you like to be a circ clerk?”

I knew when I said I wanted to stay near home that it would be difficult, even in the Greener Pastures Library Environment I was promised when I signed up, since there’s obviously a library school here. But I didn’t think I’d run through a whole box of resume paper with only a very part time job to show for it!

I just dropped off another application today, and I should hear about the part-timer interview I had on Saturday sometime this week. (The interview ended with "Please don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it - you know we have a lot of applicants.) Wish me luck.

Good luck, really. I’m in the same boat, only I’m not looking just in the area I live in.

Did you ever get anything from the resume you sent to South Carolina? I got the EEO/Affirmative Action form, and have never heard anything else, not even a rejection letter, which I would expect with the amount of time it’s been since I applied!
That said, I heard from a couple of my references - one of the phone interviews I’ve had recently has now called them. So my fingers are crossed for an on campus interview!

At least you have interviews. Only feedback I ever get from the resumesI send out since I finished school are pyramid scemes. I think if I don’t find a job soon I’m going to have to turn to piracy on the high seas and leave this evil land-locked city. Plus I think I’d look good with a tri-corner hat and an eye patch.

Which one did you apply for? The two general reference jobs got leapt on by every graduate from the last ten years - I got a “sorry you didn’t get it” note for that about three weeks ago. The business library, I’d worked there for two years as a GA so they gave me a courtesy phone interview but I didn’t make the cut for the on-campus interview, but those were only last week or so. The odd staff-level cataloging gig seems to have been designed for some internal applicant.

I sent my resume for the general reference positions, knowing they’d likely have several hundred applicants for them.

I didn’t see the business one, or I would have applied for that, since I have a background in corporate audit. No matter. If I don’t have a full time job by the time classes start, I’m set up to start taking prereqs toward a subject master’s - the prereqs will transfer easily, so I don’t feel like it’s a waste.

I hate looking for a job as well. For the past year or so, I’ve been sending out resumes, checking the paper, keeping my networking in order, but hadn’t come across anything. Although I was working, I absolutely hated my job and dreaded going into work everyday. I would get called into job interviews and think to myself, “This isn’t any better than what I have”, or the pay would be far below what I was making.

Finally, about two months ago, I found an opening for the Perfect Position–absolute dream job. I sent a resume, and didn’t hear anything. I called to confirm they’d recieved the resume–and the HR person was on vacation and had all the resumes in his locked office. I called a friend who worked at the same organization–and she said they would be beginning the interviews “soon”, but couldn’t say anything else. Weeks later, I was called for an interview–and a week later I still hadn’t heard anything, so I called again. I was granted a second interview–then didn’t hear anything, so I called back. Finally, I got a call for a third meeting, and was told that a decision would be made in the next two days. The late afternoon of the second day, as I’d just about given up hope, and was sobbing in my office, I got a phone call. I turned in my two weeks notice at my then present job and began the Perfect Position a little over a week ago.

Hang in there, and keep on searching.

So, phall0106, when do you think it’s appropriate to call back and bug them? I’ve applied for different jobs at the same damned institution and heard back anywhere from two weeks to three months later, one way or the other. When does calling get your name on the “annoying git” list?

I have been applying to jobs at the rate of 3-10 a week depending on what comes up. But since everyone out there is sending in their resume as well, you can never tell if you’ve gotten though to someone.

So this weekend I finally got tired of waiting for responses and just started cold-calling agencies and printers from the phone book, or just stopping by their offices with my portfolio. I actually got a couple of on the spot interviews yesterday. Hope they turn into something.


I’ve got a campus interview next week - I’m still not saying where for fear of jinxing myself!
Wish me luck and a good presentation!