Getting an Android fixed in Beijing

Well, as it turns out, my Android tablet decided that since it’s no loner in warranty, well, time to get broken. As far as I can tell, it’s just an issue with the screen and connections to same. I really don’t want to foot the money to ship it from Beijing to a repair shop in the US and back to here on top of the repair cost. So, for anyone who happens to know: Where is a good place in this city to get a tablet computer repaired and at a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance!

Get down to Shanghai. I know a guy who keeps shop near Renmin. While you’re here, you can see the Shang Bronzes.

I’d dearly love to get to Shanghai! Sadly, I have to work. (Really, not that sadly; I do like having the job!)

So, a bit off topic, but what the hey: How’s Shanghai life?

I don’t know if there is a specific place in Zhongguancun to fix an Android tablet, but there are several repair shops in the buildings. They are usually in the basements or the 3rd or 4th floors. If you’ve never been to Zhongguancun, it’s worth going at least once to browse the stores.

I’ve also used John’s PC Repair in Wudaokou. I don’t think he can fix an Android device. However, his English is serviceable, and he might be able to help direct you to an Android repair shop.

For a moment there, I thought I was reading the title of a lost short story by Philip K. Dick. Never mind.

Monty, you may just want to buy a new one. I just got a Shenzhen special android 1g/16gb with 3g so its a phablet on Fridqy rmb 360. Added 32gb memory SD card for another 68. I just want to sport a 7" phablet around the office and play with android. Good news is that two days later it still works in the US :wink:

If you tablet is nothing fancy, then you may want to get a new one.

Thanks, China Guy! But, if the repair cost is reasonable and, of course, if it’s doable, I’d like to continue with the one I have.

El Kabong: Did you wince when you used the words fixed and dick in the same sentence?

Woverine: I’ll fire off an E-mail to John’s and see what they have to say. Thanks also.