I'm posting again, and I'm in China!!!

Well, I have made it to China everyone, and have a very fast internet connection.

I am in TEDA, Tianjin, China, working for Harbor View School, a very wealthy school for students of welathy business people.

Whew! I’m so glad I made it and got the net up and running.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

How long will you be in China?

are you a teacher? and COOL to be in China!

What’s it like? What kind of city is it?

Come down to Hong Kong when you have the chance! :wink:

I will be in China for 11 months, but they will most likely ask me to stay longer.

TEDA is a district of the city(and province) Tianjin. Tianjin is the third most populated city, being around 11 million. I am teaching 6th grade students at a school owned by the man who owns “Home Club” and “Home Town”, a very large chain of stores(like Wal-Mart or Meijer).

I love it here so far. It is less polluted in TEDA, though there is some smog in the morning.

I live next door to the 2008 Olympic Stadium for Soccer(football). It is quite a nice building and is nearly complete. Construction of new buildings is everywhere in China, especially in the cities. There is a new train station scheduled to open by the end of the year that can take me to Beijing in 45 minutes, instead of a long 2 1/2 or 3 hour drive.

Anyway, I’m loving the country so far. The Chinese staff has been very nice and helpful, as have the other Americans and Canadians who are here.

Glad you’re enjoying it so far. I get to the Toyota factory in Tianjin occaisionally but always stay in Bejing when I do so.

Anyhoo, have fun in China

What fun! Keep a journal, if I may be so bold as to suggest, of your first few crazy months, you will look back on it one day and laugh at how naive you were.

Do you speak Chinese or do the kids speak english?

Hows the jet lag?

What view do you have out of your apartment?

The students will be speaking a limited amount of English and I will be helping them learn more. I have several co-teachers with me who are Chinese. It is a joint venture between America, Canada, and China to build a bridge between us.

The Americans(like me) and Canadians are the main teachers, with the Chinese staff teaching subjects like Chinese history and Math. We use a curriculum called “Let’s go” to teach English.

Anyway, school begins September 1. Should be interesting.

Jet lag is tough, but I’m dealing. I’m tired now, but I will wait awhile before sleeping to maximize the night.

Out my window, I see part of Nankai(sp?) University; a branch of it is in TEDA. Out the door of the complex, I see the 2008 Soccer Arena and the new Train Station.