Getting back to juggling! WHEEEE!

sniff sniff

Losing the sight in one eye hasn’t affected me too much, but I can’t juggle anymore. The lack of depth perceptiong I guess.

I could probably relearn if I tried hard enough, but havn’t done it yet.

Actually, my kids are old enough to start teaching it to them.

Always wanted to learn. I think jugglers are so cool! I bought a little book with three little cloth bags, but never could get co-ordinated well enough. I finally let it go, thinking it isn’t possible to learn juggling from a book.

Was I wrong?

Anybody in my area wanna take me on as a student? Really!


Quasimodem: Sounds like you had Juggling for the Complete Klutz there… the book that launched the whole Klutz company.

It’s how I learned when I was 11. Give it another go. Don’t go past the one-bag step too fast… it’s critical to get that down before you do a second one. Seriously.

I taught myself the basic 3-ball juggling from the book Quasimodem. It took some practice but it payed off.

In the beginning I found it useful to stand in a doorway or face a wall (about 1-2 feet away) while practicing to keep my throws from getting too wild.

Standing 1-2 feet away from a wall (facing it) as Fredge said is probably one of the biggest tips I could give you.

I would love to be able to juggle and have tried at various points. It began after seeing several of WC Fields old juggling acts, the few that survive on film, but have never been able to learn how.

Get the Klutz book. Don’t rush the steps. Having the “scoop toss” mastered is really the whole key. You’ll have it in a week if you give it an earnest go.

Btw I still giggle every time I see your username.

Ooh ooh! I juggle, and am pretty good at it. I used to go to Portland’s juggling club mettings, but I haven’t been in quite a while.

I also twirl Fire poi and staffs, which is way cool. I got into it all quite some time ago to help me with balance issues I was having after ear surgeries on the suggestion of my doctor. I got addicted as soon as I could smoothly toss 3 balls. I can’t pass clubs well either, but I can manage 5 myself. I am up to 7 balls if I’m outside and can throw high enough. Damn. Now I want to go play outside, but it’s raining.

I also live right up the street from the retail store for these guys: , a place that a good portion of my paychecks go to.

I can manage a few cycles with three balls - I don’t think that’s enough to say that I can juggle. I learned at a store that sold juggling stuff - a 16 year old geek boy taught me the basics. The other useful thing for those of us that drop them endlessly - stand at the edge of a bed. You won’t need to bend over nearly so much.

I think I’ll go give it a try right now. Thanks for the idea!

All right, y’all, I ordered a copy of the book and am willoing to give it another shot. A couple of questions however: I have a really bad astigmatism (to the point where my optometrist won’t prescribe contacts for me), and a “lazy” left eye. To what degree would that affect my ability to juggle?

Also I went to the website mentioned above and was wondering which video/DVD would be recommended for a beginner?



**Quasi - **I have a very lazy right eye, and it hasn’t prevented me from getting the basic jist of three ball juggling. Given that I’ve been able to catch on to that, I’m guessing that my lack of further progress is do to lack of practice and coordination. I think that passing may be difficult - but I have a long way to go before that’s an issue.

Bah. New books are for people with money.

Frank #2 has revealed that he can juggle.

I will simply take my set of juggling balls to the next Philly DopeFest and say

“Frank, can you teach me how to play with my balls?”

Then, I’ll finally get some respect.

Actually, I found it used on Amazon. :wink:


Let me stress that the simple one-ball throw is VERY important to learn. It seems silly, but you need to spend hours just tossing one ball back and forth. You need to be able to toss it in a very symmetric scoop-toss without using your eyes. You should be able to watch TV without dropping the one ball. Infact, doing one ball with your eyes closed is the true test. This sets the foundation from which your whole juggling experience will grow from. If you put enough time into this, everything else will be much simpler.

The reason is that when you get the one ball perfected, then as you add others balls you won’t have to worry about accidentally throwing a ball too far, too short, too forward, etc which will mess up your pattern and cause you to drop the next 2 balls.

Also, when you are learning the toss, it is important that you toss sideways, not up. Your hands should be catching at 9-10 o’clock (left hand) and 2-3 o’clock (right) and releasing at 5-4 o’clock (left) and 7-8 o’clock (right). If your hands are going between 6 and 12 o’clock, up and down, then you will limit yourself for future tricks. side to side is a more stable toss with less opportunities for mistakes.

Take care-

Head juggler in my high-school’s musical production of ‘Barnum’. Also sang a solo, did intermediate acrobatics and also twirled fire. Not all at once, of course. Those sure were some fun times. sigh

I can!
Been doing it for years and years.
Basic three-balls and rings is about all I’ve been able to do.
But my three-year-old son has seen me juggle and is always wanting me to teach him.
Bless him… he tries! He can make a catch or two. But He can’t get the learning curve down. He doesn’t want to play with just ONE ball to learn the toss-and-catch weave pattern.
But, he’ll get it; I’m sure.

About ten years ago, I got it into my head to juggle. I did exactly what Tomcat just described… toss one ball back and forth until I could watch TV doing it.

Once I could easily handle three balls, and occasionally four, I lost interest… haven’t done it in years, although I do sometimes toss a spinning wrench from hand to hand when I’m out in the shop waiting to use it.

Can anybody still solve a Rubik’s cube in 3 minutes? :slight_smile:

With animated instruction is here:


You have to pay first since I don’t play with balls for free. A guy hasta earn a living, you know.


Three balls: Tricks, messes, etc.

Four ball: basic stuff.

Three clubs: same as the balls.

Three torches: as above, just with a bit more care.

Four club: poorly.

Five club: single flash at best.

Club passing: six, seven, eight, nine, ten; any count you want to throw at me with any spin you like. Just remember you’re going to get it thrown back at you. :slight_smile: