Getting Caught Having Sex Publicly

Ladies. If you were in a public or semi-public place, having sex with your with boyfriend, and you got caught, would it be more embarrassing to be caught sucking his cock or fucking his cock? And why?

This is intended for a piece of fiction, so if other variables enter into it - your amount of nakedness, your familiarity with the person who spots you, the state of your relationship, etc. etc. - let me know how things would change.

Gentlemen, feel free to join in. Gay couples especially, since the same dilemma is possible for them.

Assume that the couple is single, but has a long relationship. This is not their first act of sex together, in other words, nor are they teenagers for whom any aspect of getting caught would be a disaster. They are comfortable with sex, but getting surprised in public while hot at it will be memorably traumatic and will affect them in the long term. I’m wondering which act would make the trauma worse.

Er…fucking. Because if I were sucking it, then I at least wouldn’t be totally naked. And I could probably recover more easily whereas he’d have to zip up and everything.

You, sir, are a master wordsmith.

I think my GF would certainly be more embarrassed to get caught having sex in almost all cases. For me, though, if she were caught giving me a BJ by her parents, that would be worse than anything. I’d feel so ashamed. I mean, I don’t feel that a girl giving a BJ is degrading in any sense (especially if I happen to be on the receiving end :D), but I’d be terrified that they would think I had demeaned their precious daughter.

(bolding mine) I think what you mean to say here is “if she were caught by her parents while she was giving me a BJ…”

In my experience with public sex, typically the woman is dressed in such a way that she’s more covered than the guy- she’s in a skirt or sundress or something, sans panties, so all she has to do is stand up and to all appearances she’s fully dressed. So I’d expect most women would think that’s preferable to being on her knees with a cock in her mouth, when it comes to getting caught.

A lot would depend on who caught me, but I’d say sucking would be the most embarassing overall.

I have been caught fucking, in a semi-public place (private house of a friend, living room, caught by friends) which we were initially startled into stopping, then laughed and kept going after the others walked out again. Oh, and at least two people were passed out nearby on a couch and chair.

If it were my parents though, wouldn’t matter what I was doing I’d be embarassed (I was embarassed when my Mom thought I was having sex upstairs with my boyfriend of the time, though nothing more than some petting happened).

OK, I’ve settled on “If her parents caught her giving me a BJ…” Now let’s just travel back in time and remove from my brain all images of GF’s parents going down on me…

I think it would be more embarrassing to be caught going down on a guy. Not that there’s anything intrinsically worse about oral sex than regular copulation. Just that, if you’re in public, you probably still have all your clothes on, and if you’re having sex in public, you’re probably standing up, so there’s some room for interpretation. If you’re interrupted having sex while standing and mostly clothed, you might be able to get away with just rearranging some clothes.

Giving head, you’re either going to be on your knees or sitting down, and badly written sitcoms aside, there’s just no pretending anything else was happening. Plus, the interrupters are much more likely to see the act of penetration with oral sex than otherwise.

Sucking would be more embarrassing I think. Getting caught fucking wouldn’t be that great either but we’ve all seen the dogs at the park doing it, these things happen. If I was sucking his dick I’d be more self conscious like people might think I’d lost a bet or something. He comes out looking like the dog in the park but I come out looking like the really weird dog who licks the other dogs’ penises. If we’re going to look like a pair of animals I don’t want to be that dog.

As if you would be sucking it otherwise! :frowning:

Sucker bet?

Everybody knows that daughters, sisters, and mothers never give BJ’s. Ever.

Girlfriends, wives, and hookers on the other hand…

There’s an old Faery Tale about a princess kissing a frog to find her prince that comes to mind…

I’d much rather get caught fucking, because sucking is just so submissive. Now, if he was going down on me I wouldn’t be embarassed at all. Basically, a blow job is one of the lowest forms of submission, IMO, and far more devastating to be caught at than simply screwing.

Complete 180 from how I view it, but to each her own.

Fucking would be more embarrassing to me, as I don’t wear easy-access garments, and would have to do a lot more tidying up.

If you’re going to have sex outside, do it at night somewhere that the only critters who could catch you are cows. And biting bugs. :smiley:

I’m curious- why is a blowjob more submissive than… what’s a good term… a lickjob?

Another gal saying she’d rather be fucking than sucking. There’s no way to pretend that *wasn’t * a cock in your mouth.

Something I’ve always wondered…

Would you rather get caught by your parents giving head, or getting head? And to parents, would you rather catch your child (maybe it’s different it’s a son or daughter?) getting or receiving?

I’d much rather get caught fucking than blowing. (How often do you get a chance to say something like that?)

There’s something really intimate and personal about giving somebody head, not to mention it’s visually a lot more graphic, IMHO. And if I were gonna get busted in a sex act, I’d rather it be plain ol’ fucking, just because it’s less…personal. Not to mention, as others have said, if I were having sex in public I’d probably have most of my clothes on, so nobody would really see my biz.

Getting caught giving head would just be horribly embarrassing. I’d feel cheap. Or I’d think people THINK I’m cheap.

Getting caught having sex? Not nearly as bad. For some reason.

Then I suppose this t-shirt is right out!

I can’t agree with the people here who find blowjobs to be somehow lesser or dirtier than fucking. (Lost a bet, pokey?!? I’m almost offended by that, for some reason I can’t quite articulate.)

I will agree, however, that it can be more intimate, and can look more pornographic from the outside. So I’d pick fucking.

“There’s nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.” - Lewis Grizzard