Awkward erections

Give your stories

Nothing awkward about any I have had. I am well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

I meant situations like when holding a baby or something.

I’m afraid I am still not following you. It is only a penis. It becomes erect.


I know it is only a penis, but in certain situations by it becoming erect it can lead to awkwardness.

Well, there was that one time after I murdered a preschool after setting an apartment on fire. Everybody looked so mad, I can only assume it was because I had a half-erection at the time, I’m not even sure how they could tell!

I feel awkward already, and all I did was read this thread.

Why? Are the people you associate with afraid you are going to begin raping them?

It really isn’t all that strange.


Here, sit down. We are going to talk a little and try to find out why you feel uncomfortable about a perfectly normal function of the male body.

How long have you had this problem?

Before we get this started I just want to get it verified that you are a qualified doctor.

We’ll get to your trust issues later, but I will make sure Lori gives you a HCFA to submit to your carrier for fee reimbursement.

What state are you in? We may not have reciprocity.

Speak English man. Dammit! I am struggling to make out what your meaning.

One time my dick was hanging out with one ball and bumped into the other one. AWK-ward!

I’ve had angry erections but never any awkward ones.


My erections are either windward or leeward but never awkward.

Seems pretty run of the mill.

You mean like the ones that would come out of nowhere in 7th grade, usually about 4 seconds before the bell rang for class change? And then you’d have to worm your way down a crowded hallway trying not to bump it into people and oh there’s that cute girl from math class Oh My God it’s starting throb now! WTF! mean like those moments? Beause that’s never happened to anyone. Just you. :slight_smile:

I will no refer you back to DrFidelius regarding your trust issues.

There’s a song about exactly what you’re looking for, however, I’m not going to going trying to find it until there’s no one within earshot of my computer.

I’ve never had an angry erection.
Some are impatient, but all are cheery and enthusiastic.