Erections while cuddling/spooning

Guys: Do you ever get erections while cuddling or spooning?
Women: How do you feel if your partner gets an erection while cuddling or spooning?

Please state your gender and age. And consider the situation where this is a new relationship and not your long-term partner.

Thanks team.

Do you mean cuddling/spooning the wife or the dog?

I’m a straight female, and even if it happened in a fairly new relationship, I’d take it as a compliment. Erections aren’t something guys have conscious control over; as far as I know, it’s a natural reaction to something they find attractive and/or arousing. I would hope a fellow I knew and liked well enough to cuddle or spoon with found me attractive. and I see an erection as evidence of it. It’s a lot better than finding out he considers you unattractive!

New or old relationship, it doesn’t matter. Erections when cuddling and spooning are normal and to be expected.

Honestly, I should have noticed that my ex-husband rarely got them at times like that. I suppose that wouldn’t have been meaningful in and of itself but it was certainly part of a larger pattern.

Female, 38

I usually get one, but neither me nor my wife ever give it a second thought. Unless, of course, she does, then we make the most of it.

But in my dating days, I would usually just tell the lass “just so you know, there’s nothing I can do about that. Please take it as a compliment” and she’d usually giggle.

It happens to him all the time, and when it does, we most often take care of it unless we’re both super tired. Once in a while I’ll get a flash of irritation because I feel like we have sex all the time, but it doesn’t bug me for more then a millisecond.

May I add slow dancing to the OP?
Give it to me baby or bacdafucup?

Yep, it happens and normally it is a good excuses to move past cuddling.

Male, 26

Divorced Male 51 yrs old. I am in a longterm relationship. Cuddling/spooning is often part of slow/gradual foreplay. Unless one/both of us fall asleep.

Wooh, I am relieved to see this. I thought I was some kind of deviant or pervert or something. I suppose I still might be, but not because of this in and of itself. I would get them and begin doing the “think of mom, think of mom…crap still not working…think of grandma, think of puppies…” trick and I couldn’t get it to go down. No one ever said anything negative about them, but I still felt somewhat ashamed or embarrassed because of it.

BTW, I am 25 year old male.

Married 18 years - he’s 48, I’m 46, still happens more often than not, thank heavens. Always good for an “oh dear, let me help you with that”, unless extremely tired.

Hell, I get one from just a long hug. (OK, maybe not that bad, but …)

You must hate goin to weddings.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have to go with what everyone said. Plus as a woman who came of age with very little physical/sexual self-esteem, I like erections. They’re incontrovertible proof that at least the guy’s body digs my body.

My husband asked me recently if it bothers me when that happens. “Of course not!” says I, “It makes me feel great, cuz if I were a table or a kitten or something that wouldn’t happen. It makes me feel like a (hot) woman.”

Yeah, unless it’s wildly inappropriate (old man at the library, your cousin/brother/uncle/dad, your boss, etc) I don’t usually get offended by an erection.

There is something tremendously silly about erections when you’re not in the mood (and sometimes when you are). As long as you both agree on what or what not to do with it, can’t see it being a problem.

Silly? Spoken like someone who’s never had one.

You cuddle old men at the library? And your cousins, brother, uncle and dad? Hopefully not at the library too.

Really? Just about everything related to sex that I can think of really is pretty absurd when viewed from without. Of course, I like absurd things. :smiley:

Typically no, which is good because I do cuddle or spoon with people I’m not involved with or sexually interested in. (I have had very understanding girlfriends in the past who didn’t mind.) When it’s with someone I am sexually involved with, it’s more common but still uncommon. But when it does happen, it’s no big deal.