Are my erections a problem? (possibly TMI)

I think I may have a problem. I’m not sure, because it’s not the kind of thing you talk about with your friends.

When I kiss my girlfriend, I get an almost immediate reaction from my penis. I’m not just talking about kissing as a prelude to sex. This could be kissing to say goodbye, if I’m on my way to work. It could be kissing when I come home. I’m talking about a proper kiss on the lips, possibly with tongues. The kiss is normally accompanied by some sort of embrace, you know, arms around the waist. This isn’t anything particularly kinky, it’s just a kiss. Just like millions of couples do every day.

So, I kiss her. A signal goes to my brain. For some reason, despite the fact that I know we aren’t about to have sex, my brain decides to start pumping blood into my penis. I feel my penis go “zing!” and that all too familiar stirring begins. I find myself actually pulling my waist slightly away from her. I can only imagine that she would be quite alarmed if she knew how frequently she gives me a boner. Plus, I’m fairly sure she doesn’t want to feel my tool prodding her stomach each time we kiss. I should explain at this point that I’m a fair bit taller than her, and FTR I have a big penis. I can’t help this, it’s just the way I’m built.

Now, I guess you could explain this away by saying that it’s down to the sexual attraction. Sure I love her, and I have the major hots for her. But, really, is kissing supposed to do this to guys? I want some opinions here, either way. Am I nuts, or am I just a red blooded male? Is my girlfriend so smoking hot that I should trade her in for one that doesn’t give me palpitations when I get hold of her?

If I were you, I wouldn’t give this “problem” another thought. If you couldn’t get it up, that would be a problem.

You think you have a problem because your girlfriend turns you on? :dubious:

I have the same “problem.” My wife LOVES that she gives me a boner just with a kiss…


I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s either going to be a compliment or something that two mature people can work around. The coping strategies you developed in Grade 7 should hold up nicely. I wouldn’t go looking for a support group, though. “Hi, I’m trying to find a group that can help large penised men with frequent erections to cope with… hello? Hello?”

Hmm, if this is a common worry, though, somebody could market an anti-Viagra…

2trew, try these guys.

I’ve gone through periods where I’ve been the same way. The littlest thing would set it off. It gets irritating but if you really think about it it’s only embarrassing to little kids. We’re trained through our formative years to be ashamed of it but there’s no rational reason to feel that way. I don’t think she’d have a problem with it if she knew, unless she’s got immature ideas about sexuality.

kevja: Yes, I can see your point. I am lucky in that sense.

Toffe: No, it’s more “do other guys get an erection as easily as I do?”. See, I’m not sure if other guys get a boner so easily, just from kissing. It’s not the kind of thing you can just bring up in casual conversation!

hrhomer: Excellent. You are an inspiration. Maybe I should be proud of it and let her feel the full effect. She knows what she does to me anyway, but I normally feel a little awkward about it!

2trew: Yeah, I know what you mean. Look, I’m don’t mean to brag or anything. I’m just asking for opinions about whether this kind of thing is normal or not. I really have tried to give an honest account of the way it is.

Try Prozac. :smiley:

You desribe it well. It can sometimes be the slightest touch, maybe her hand touching the back of my neck. By the way, she wouldn’t have a problem with it. She already knows that I get a hard on quite easily. She normally finds it a turn on. There are some situations, however, where it can be a little awkard. Especially if we are outdoors. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in a public situation and has to re-arrange his equipment, so as not to cause alarm to any old ladies who happened to be passing.

I’m sorry if it seemed like I was ragging on you, samarm, it wasn’t my intention. You did a fine job of just setting out the situation, and the fact that I chose to use it as a hook for smartassery is just reflective of the fact that I’m probably an idiot.

I will stand by my first three sentences, though, and to reply to the question in your reply to Toffe, for ease of arousal, I seem to go in cycles. Sometimes it’s what I consider to be a baseline or “normal”, other times it’s like I’m right back in my mid-teens and the sight of a bare linoleum floor is enough to get me going. Kissing somebody I’m involved with, though, always causes a shift in blood flow if not always a full erection.

Hey, no problemo 2trew, I didn’t think you were being smartassy at all. Don’t sweat it. I can relate to your experiences, as well. It seems to have a lot to do with how much you have the hots for the partner you are with. I certainly don’t remember being like this with other girlfriends.

3waygeek: I don’t know what that was a link to, but I saw “” and closed it down. Some people are at work, you know!

Themis00: Huh? Me not get it. :slight_smile:

I have the exact same “problem,” but it’s not really a problem for either of us. She’s that sexy, and damned if I’m not gonna show my appreciation!

Just holding hands in enough for me to sport beef sometimes.

Heh. Kids. :slight_smile:

There’ll come some point in life when “any wood is good wood.”

Not that I’m there yet.


“are my erections a problem”


Next topic.


If it’s a problem, then my husband is probably dying with it. After fourteen years of marriage, with almost three years of dating first, I can still walk past him, not even touching, and The Rising Begins.

He calls it “a compliment”, owing to the fact he finds me as desirable as he did back in the day.

I call it “being insufferably horny”. It’s nearly the same, I guess.

Actually, it’s really just testosterone. You’re supposed to have that. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. :wink:

I’d be honored if my honey would salute me every time we kiss.

There’s my 2 cents.

could you give her my email please so she can tell me what i’m doing wrong… ok, it was just a thought