Long, slow, sensuous kissing

Wouldn’t you say that a long, slow, sensuous kiss is one of the best things in the world? My girlfriend for some reason doesn’t like kissing at all. It’s been a year now, and after ruling out bad breath, and technique she doesn’t like I have to take her at her word, “she just doesn’t like kissing.”

I’ve tried explaining it to her and she thinks I have some abnormal oral fixation. I thought people <b>liked</b> kissing! It’s not like I’m asking for other oral pleasures :slight_smile:

I’ve been told before by a few girls that I was the best kisser they’ve ever kissed. Something about making them feel like the only thing in the world that mattered…

What’s up with this girl? Are some people just like that?

What a weirdo!

Seriously, I can’t imagine not wanting to kiss someone. For me, that precedes everything - if a man cannot kiss, he is not doing anything else, either.

But I guess some people just don’t enjoy it.

Long, slow kisses are the best. I couldn’t imagine having any kind of relationship with someone who didn’t enjoy kissing. I feel it is a good indicator of things - if a girl can’t kiss, she’s either terribly inexperienced, or just a dud. If she just doesn’t want to kiss, something else is going on.

How long have you known your girlfriend? Maybe she has issues from past relationships. Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you, but I’ve never known anyone who didn’t like kissing.

And other than that, she’s a great girlfriend… I’d hate to spend my life with a woman that doesn’t like kissing! Would it be possible to convert her?

Her last boyfriend was a real jerk, he hurt her a few times and sounded like a real obsessive compulsive. He sure could have caused some trauma, but I figured if that was the reason she would have gotten over it after she settled into a non-abusive relationship.

We’ve been dating for almost exactly a year. She’s always been that way, imagine one of our first dates:

Her: “You know, I can’t believe how wonderful you are, you’re so sweet…”

Me: “You too, I feel like I’ve known you forever…”

[both lean forward slowly]
[lips meet]

[tongue meets teeth]

[surprised look on my face]

and that’s the way it is. She humors me sometimes but I can tell she’s not thrilled by it, so I stopped trying.

It’s not like she’s non-sexual, because of this issue, she usually initiates sex which she enjoys immensely, and would like every day but I have arousal issues without foreplay. :slight_smile:

Kissing has got to be the best part… for me. I feel that more can be said about how you feel with a kiss than anything else. If my partner can’t kiss, or if he rushes it then I have trouble going any farther, or at least wanting to go farther.

My last girlfriend was like this. I figured it to be rather strange, her not liking it. She just wanted to skip it and go into my probing her every orifice. How strange…

Ick–I generally don’t like kissing. It doesn’t do anything for me. I probably just haven’t been kissed right, though. Especially since the last three people I’ve kissed have been drunk.

Kissing isn’t any good unless you have an attraction to the person you’re kissing. If you have an intense attraction, then the kiss is better than if you have a mild attraction to the person. I’ve had my share of good and bad kisses, and sloppy drunken ones are just gross IMO.

I had an old girlfriend like that as well. She had been abused at points in her life. She also had a thing about me touching her face. It took me quite a while and lots of trust to be able to carress her cheek. Odd huh.

I always get the psychos. It’s my lot in life. They are the only ones that excite me.

Growing up I always thought my mom was a weirdo for not likeing kissing. I enjoyed it immensely. But for whatever reason, I don’t much like frenching my fiance. (Kisses with no tongue don’t bother me.) I like everything else, just not the kissing. I know this is mental because I only start disliking it when I’m in a long-term relationship. I also have this weird thing where sometimes after sex I have to get away from him for a while. If I try to ignore it, it builds to something like a panic attack. On the good side, it used to be like this every time and now its only occasionaly, so I guess I’m getting better. :slight_smile:
And, yes, I have issues from the past.
::wonders if that’s TMI::

If you’ve been kissing your mom, then it’s definitely TMI. :wink:

Long soft slow wet kisses that last three weeks?

I believe I’d like some that. Please.

I think Kevin Costner said it best in Bull Durham.

God it made me so HOT!


You should take lessons.

I recommend Valentine Michael Smith.

I absolutely love kissing. And when you find someone that causes you to get little butterflys in your stomach every time that you kiss them…mmmmm…I love that feeling.

I think affection runs in the family.

My parents still kiss each other quite often…even after 25 years of marriage.

I love long, slow sensuous kissing!

My ex got the idea from his mother that kissing spread disease (this is the same woman that told him if he didn’t push his cuticles back regularly they would grow over his fingernails :rolleyes:) As a consequence, although he would kiss, he didn’t like it all that much. Of course, he loved going down, so go figure. (logic was not his strong suit)

The way I see it, the man had his priorities straight. I’ll take long oral sex over long kisses any day.

PolarField, if your girlfriend is responsive in other ways and you like her, can’t you, ya know, work around it?


Back before we officially started dating and quietgirl was dealing with issues, she and I would french kiss (just french kiss- amazing we pulled it off, in retrospect) for hours at a time. Because good friends do that, you know.

You get good at it after three hours at a time… ah, memories.

“jaws of steel” andygirl

I love kissing. It is usually the best part of any relationship, and it can even be done in public without running the risk of getting arrested. The thing I love about kissing is how it can say so many different things. It can be soft and loving, or rough and sexual, or anywhere on a broad spectrum in between. But I tend to agree with Tasha in that the attraction has to be there. The physical act gives no pleasure without an emotional connection.

Kissing is key. Oh so important! Being a stubbornly bad kisser is reason not to continue a relationship, IMO. And not wanting to kiss at all, forget about it.

Of course, I’m very affectionate, and it would just be unpleasant for both of us to try to date in the face of such a glaring incompatibility.

(Happily, Giraffe is flying out west to kiss his sweetie in a mere two days. Hooray!)