Ladies: your impression of or not?

hey all, i’m new here. I’ve been reading the SDMB for a long time now and I’m finally posting…i’ve learned a lot of cool stuff as well as TMI about a lot of folks. Basically, i’m going to see if the SDMB is worth the fee to join, so respond frequently!

That said, my thread is inspired by the ‘asking to kiss/is it cute thread’ (too lazy to link). Ladies, what is your opinion on boners? A guy kisses you for the first time and has a raging hardon in his pants? Cute? Bothersome? Gross? Sexy? I need to know.

Feel free to expand on other boner related encounters as well, e.g., a guy at a club comes up on you to dance and freak, yet has a raging boner, is it sexy? cute? etc.

REALLY looking fwd to hearing from y’all

First kiss? Overly enthusiastic.
Dance club? Again, overly enthusiastic and a little worrisome that he can’t control his erections in public by the legal drinking age.
If there is close physical contact and kissing with an obvious sexual nature to it all, that would be a little more acceptable. But if junior can’t keep Mr. Winky from getting excited every time he’s allowed in public, that’s a whole different story.


Just wanted to interject: You do know that it’s an involuntary reaction, right? It’s not like sticking your tongue out or wiggling your fingers.

Carry on…

You’re not making fun of my thread are you? You’re fired!!! :wink:
Welcome to the boards, where you’ll learn more about penises and related topics than you’d ever want to know, though if you’ve been around I guess you know that. :slight_smile:

And, with regards to your question, I think more clarification is in order. Like, for instance, are you kissing your grandmother?

You owe me a beer and a new keyboard. :slight_smile:

As long as he’s not humping on my leg I probably wouldn’t even notice.

But that’s just me.

no way am i making fun of your thread, it ruled! i just took it one step further is all

in response to your question, as much as kissing old women turns me on, i was talking about making initial contact via kiss, crotch or what have you where you have a huge honkin boner in your pants when the situation doesn’t require said boner to be present.

for example, back in my youth, when i first got the hang of this ‘kissing girls’ thing, i would frequently get so turned on that I’d pop the button off my pants w/ hardon during the first kiss. Some girls didn’t mind, some CLEARLY did mind, and some pretended that it wasn’t an issue. As I kissed more girls and the ‘novelty’ of hooking up wore off, so too did the boners…but I wonder, just what were those early victims/hookups thinking? Also, many of my female friends back in the college days routinely used to complain about guys at clubs coming up behind them to dance and freak while poking them w/ their pokers. Many said it was gross, but some clearly were lying (as evidenced by her hands down said guy’s pants)…

carry on

I’d just like to chime in and say I’ve almost posted this identical topic a handful of times, but never actually did. I’m curious as to all the responses.

as a slight hijack of my own thread, i would like to add that it is definitely NOT a good idea to have a boner while wearing a thin pair of basketball shorts WHILE looking at suggestive pics of Jessica Alba JUST AFTER you’ve turned your own wife down for sex. Really it’s not a good idea.

Some would say turning down your own wife for sex is in and of itself a bad idea :wink:

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Part of the problem here is in the choice of vocabulary. Boner, hardon, you might as well call it a stiffy, or say that you got wood. There is nothing sexy there. However, if you were to ask, “Ladies, do you find tumescence alluring?” you add a bit of mouth music to the question, and it doesn’t throw the ladies into the silly mindset.

Indeed. Don’t want either of you to get rusty.

**Ladies: your impression of boners…hot or not? **
My impression of boners? [Mitch Hedberg]I’m for 'em.[/MH]

Also, my impressions of boners are sometimes hot, sometimes not, depending on the medium I used. Plaster cast is often cooler than, say, hot wax. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, alright. If I really like the guy, I might find it cute. Possibly even a turn on: “Oooh! He seems to think I’m attractive, too! Or, at least good enough to boink.” If I don’t like the guy, I pretend not to notice it. It’s a bodily function, it happens, sometimes out of your control. I’ll allow it, but I don’t have to like it. :wink:

With all due respect, speaking for manhood, that Thing has a mind of it’s own!
Many times, in class or otherwise when I was in public, up started junior. Embarassing as it was, well, use your imaginaton. I’m older now and this dosen’t pop up as often as it used to.
“Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

If I’m with a guy I really like then I am definitely all for . . . tumescence (haha, gotta remember that one). When I’m with a guy I really like I can barely keep impure thoughts out of my head either. I appreciate it when a guy can stand at attention right away . . . Seems like the tumescence of the “overly” eager is more reliable for longer periods of time too.

Other guys? Probably just ignore it, if I even noticed it . . . If I’m not into a guy, I’m probably not going to be paying a whole lot of attention to his genitals anyway.

Heehee . . . “boners” . . .

Depends who it is, really. If I like the guy I’ll find it funny. If I don’t like him I’ll have to resist the urge to run screaming to the other side of the room.

Boners = Hott!!

Well, at least Mr Indigo’s are :smiley:

I don’t care much either way for the casual boner. They’re amusing when they happen in nervous situations (like high school, when boys had to give talks at the front of the class. Penis would definitely ensue).

If I’m watching sexy things, like pr0n, then boners are definitely much better than the flaccid member. Un-erect penises just look funny.

If I’m attracted to a guy, I’m invariably flattered by the erection, whenever it occurs. And, yes… I’ve been told it is often involuntary (like the morning hard on), but I still persist in thinking it is my inherent hotness that causes it, every time.

If I’m immune or not attracted to the guy, I always find it amusing.

Read into that what you will

Hey, I’m old enough that a “boner” is slang for a mistake… of course, we could still be referring to the same thing. :smiley: