Ladies: your impression of or not?

Others would say: now the bitch knows how it feels. :rolleyes:

Put me down for amused and flattered, please. The only circumstances under which it would be offensive would be if the gentleman’s other behaviour was also being offensive and I felt he was making sure I was aware of it. Let me give you a couple of examples.

A few years ago, I was talking with a fellow I know at a weekend gathering. We were both unattached and we both find each other attractive, but we were conceding that if we got into a long term relationship, we’d tear each other apart. I told him he’d be great for a one-night stand or even the odd casual roll in the hay and meant it, but unfortunately, I’m not into that. We sighed over mutual attraction that wasn’t going to go anywhere and got up to dance a slow dance. As we did, I became aware that he was erect and it was pressing against me. Under the circumstances, it was sweet and a bit sad, not to mention evidence that he wasn’t lying when he said he was attractive.

A different situation could have gone a bit worse. I was friends with a man who had an open marriage and was hoping I’d be one of his partners. I’d told him that, while I valued his friendship, I didn’t feel comfortable doing so. We were lying on the couch one evening, with me against the back of the couch, and he had told me he found me attractive. As we talked, I found myself pinned against the back of the couch by the evidence of his attraction. I nervously brought this to his attention. He immediately got off the couch, apologized, and is still slightly embarrassed about the incident to this day. Because, in part, of the way he reacted, he is one of my closest and most trusted friends. I’ve seen him under pressure, if you will and know he will behave honorably.

Madarchod welcome to the SDMB. That’s an interesting question and I’m glad you asked it. I assure you, if we ever meet and for some strange reason you honor me with an erection, I will take it as a compliment!


Minor hijack: Did you know that occasionally Batman has had problems with boners?

Often involving Robin, no less! :eek:

I see great things in this young one.

For me, it’s not the erection that can be offensive, it’s what you do with it.

If it’s a tentative first kiss or a dance floor, don’t be grindin’ up on me. Please! If, immediately after that tentative first kiss, things get a little more enthusiastic, by all means, clasp me to your manly frame and let me feel the rigid thrust of your swollen manhood pressing on my womanly bits - but unless I’ve got at my tongue halfway down your throat, there’s no need for our pelvises to meet. (Ballroom dancers excepted.)

I rarely ever notice. If I did notice, somehow, as **Rushgeekgirl ** says, as long as he wasn’t trying to use it then and there I wouldn’t really care.

wow, thanks! appreciate it! i love the SDMB, particularly at work where i frequently get the ‘boredom boner’ and then have way too much time on my hands to ponder questions such as “how did this boner happen? why? is this is a sign that I’m in the wrong job? How visible is this boner if I got up right now and walked around the office? Does it have to hurt this bad?! Is this a good sized boner?” I could go on and on

clearly my parents wasted a lot of money on my college education. :smiley:

yeah she really hates that, but like I told her, once you’ve run a few laps around the track it’s all the same goingforward. I found out our couch is not as comfortable to sleep on as I previously thought.

i do however stand by my contention that there is to be no sex during Michigan Wolverines Football, Pistons basketball or Playstation 2 time.

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How very, very bizarre.

As to “boners” as you so quaintly phrase them–it depends on intent. Yes, they happen, but how YOU react to it will most likely impact how I react.
Um, if we are just meeting and perhaps kissing for the first time, I don’t want you as someone said upthread, “grinding away”. If you insist on making the presence of said boner known to me, that most likely is the end of things. But then, I was never into casual sex or fuck buddies (which didn’t exist when I was in college).

i was into it in college, and these fuckbuddies you speak of did exist, unfortunately, they weren’t interested in me.


nope 2 1/2 yrs into it…though if you ask her she probably would tell you i still act like a newlywed. She gets pretty pissed off when I tell our single friends to go out and get laid and trade stories, hypotheses and theories of how to accomplish such tasks. She really hates it when I tell her 16 year old cousin in high school to quit wasting time w/ indian girls and go for white/latino girls to get some action. Funnier part is he agreed w/ me :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get boners from being BORED? :eek:

Or is it just you?

Og knows I have my own issues, but seriously, whenever i’m deathly bored and/or deathly tired, pop goes the weasel. I don’t know why and it can scare me sometimes…I can’t get it down either. it’s like it’s just up and staying there till it damn well wants to go back down. I try pressing it, beating it, punching it, grinding it into the desk, humping something, no luck. The worst was this one time where it popped up in a meeting for no reason and I had to get up and speak!!! i had my hand in my pocket the whole time trying to ‘mask’ the woody or shove it somewhere where it won’t be so noticeable. I wonder if my boss thought i was jerkin my gerken up there?

also if i haven’t peed in a while and have to go SUPER bad it will rise, but it usually goes back in hiding once the pressure is released. this could be a whole new topic: how do you unbone your boners?

Believe it or not, there is a GQ answer for this.

But I don’t remember what it is.

There’s a certain spot (I think on the underside of the penis) that you can give a thwack to with the side of your hand and it’ll deflate the sucker.

Someone mentioned it once in a “what if I get an erection in front of the doctor?” thread.

Darn, you beat me to it.

So he had a big stiffy *and * a big ego? :wink:

Uh, in general, the more you touch your penis, the less likely you’re gonna make the erection go away. (That is unless you finish what you started).

It appears that any time the predominant theme of a thread is sex-related, “Katrina Relief” is the default message in the ad space.

Personally, I tried to make it with Katrina, but she’d have none of it (I always suspected if we’d had a slow dance like the ones people are referring to, she’d have had a change of heart :smiley: )

It depends on the situation. If it’s an occasion where it’s appropriate to have a boner - eg - we’re snogging - and you’re not grinding it into me, unless I’m also grinding into you, then no problem.

If you come into my office to discuss financial documents, and you have an obvious boner, I might be kind of creeped out. Really - the documents can wait - go take care of yourself and comeback when you’re not, uh, awake.

It’s all about context.