Getting high from pollen

My wife eats a couple of spoonfuls of pollen every day. It was in the training regimen of many weightlifters and she stayed with it. She buys the pollen and honey from the same local beekeeper she has gone to for years. This is raw pollen in the little pellets the bees deposit, not ground or powdered or anything. Looking at it shows a wide range of colors in each jar. She can easily tell the spring pollen from the fall batches. I think she said the early pollen is more floral and late pollen slightly bitter. It all tastes strange to me, dozens of flavors blended together, more medicinal then pleasant.

So, she claims this last batch creates a mild high. Just a light, lively feeling, nothing hallucinogenic or anything. We are in NE Ohio and the pollen comes from a farm outside Wellington, mainly soy bean and corn crops but also other crops and orchards and plenty of fields gone to wild. In fact I asked them once if they knew the mix of flowers at all and they just laughed, “The bees go where they want”. They also place hives with people who need pollinators so who knows what they contain.

So what might it be? Milkweed is common here and I know it is toxic but can’t find anything about the pollen. Hmm, what would marijuana pollen do?



No, but she does skip a little.

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Cannabis pollen wouldn’t do much of anything. The pollen comes from the flowers on the male plants and other than pollinating the female plants to produce seeds, the male plants have no redeeming qualities. Maybe making rope.

The “fun stuff” or medical stuff comes almost exclusively from the female plants. Male plants have very low amounts of the THC and CBD. The females have it all, for two reasons. One is to attract the pollinators like bees, and the other is to keep pests from eating the flowers so the seeds can continue the species. Like nicotine in tobacco, these compounds act like pesticides for many critters who might otherwise want to eat the plant.

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That’s cannabis.

I wonder if the pollen from Datura or Brugmansia could have any effect? Fairly common ornamental plants, some grow wile in the US (an invasive vine that droops large, orange, waxy flowers.)