Getting jazzed for Dragon Age Inquisition

Now that it’s getting closer to release and I have been watching some videos on it on YouTube, I am really starting to look forward to DA:I. I didn’t hate DA2 but did think it was flawed. This looks like it could be a bounce back to form. Anyone else?

Last I saw, it looked like it was going to be another Action RPG, like Dragon Age 2. Since I’ve got all these games I’ve been Kickstartering coming down the pipe, I may actually get Inquisition late. Replaying Origins got me excited about the franchise again. BioWare still does the best writing in the business. But I think I may actually follow through on my claim that I’m not pre-ordering any more of their games. Besides, won’t I have to install EA’s shitty Steam knockoff?

After DA2, I’m waiting on DA:I. I found DA2 to be pretty terrible and don’t trust that they won’t make many of the same mistakes a second time.

If it gets rave reviews, I’ll pick it up when it goes cheap. There’s no way I’d pre-order it or pay full retail.

I’m looking forward to it…going at least 50% off, with DLC included. What’s the over/under? 9 months?

I haven’t played any of this series yet but Dragon Age: Origins is the giveaway on Origin right now. Origin is EA’s version of Steam. Just log in and it should be right there to grab.

Origin is excellent. It’s very Baldur’s Gate-like. 2 and 3 are more action-oriented, and 2 was definitely a less rich story. Kind of filler material, really, not a full release title.

In addition to the free giveaway, you might find it worthwhile to keep a watch on Steam, where the whole package with DLC goes on sale pretty frequently.

Mad love for Origins, and less mad love for DA 2. Seriously, mad, mad love for Origins, I actually recently had to replay it just because it was mentioned in a thread in this very forum and I thought to myself, “Hmm, haven’t played that in a few months.”

So as Inquisition looms larger, I am filled with great hope and deep dread. I hope it’s every bit as good and then far better than Origins. I dread that it won’t be as good as even DA 2, that Bioware has overreached and they’re gonna Mass Effect 3 my beloved Dragon Age (some would argue they did that with DA2). I hope that it’s the game that justifies my pending purchase of a PS4 to play it (son pre-ordered the game for me back when his PS4 was in my living room). I dread that I’m about to effectively spend several hundred bucks on a game that won’t live up to the hype, let alone meet my very high expectations.

But, hope or dread, I’ll own it as soon as I can along with the console I’ll need to play it. Because this hobby is stupid expensive. I really should have taken up basket-weaving.

PC system Specs are pretty low.

Is it wrong to hope that it can get away with lower specs due to great optimization, Alien: Isolation style?

Also, apparently there are no healing spells. All healing is potions. On one hand, my RPG brain completely recoils at this notion. On the other, to try and be optimistic, spell lines that make things blow up are more fun than spell lines that put them back together again. So if they make the potion thing work, it could be a net positive. I don’t know how much I believe myself saying it though.

I loved Origins and I hated DA2. I will wait until I’ve read a lot of reviews before I give Inquisition a chance.

Not having healing spells is going to make mages considerably less OP. Feels like a good change.

I agree completely. One of the only things I really disliked about the previous two games was the way you were essentially forced to either: (1) be a dedicated healer yourself, which is kind of a dull and uninteresting way to play the game; or (2) keep the designated “healer” character (cardboard Wynne in the first game, stupid whiny Anders in the second) in your party at all times. This change means I can create a party that I actually like without having to waste a spot on a character whose only job is to spam heal spells.

Frostbite runs really well on PC hardware. If you have an AMD card you can also take advantage of Mantle, so even a very low end CPU (we’re talking PS4/Xbone levels here) would suffice.

The minimum requirements are indeed super low, that’s xbox 360 level low. Given the way the game looks on high end PC’s, this is just an engine built with huge scale-ability in mind.

I’ve made my peace with the horrendous, over the top, designed by a 12 year old anime fan who plays nothing but Asian MMO’s combat animations (the twirling in the air!!! ARGH!! Let it go, Kinthalis, let it go!), so I’m liking pretty much everything else I see/hear about the game. The tactical aspect looks to have been improved even from DA:O. The button mashing version of the combat also received an overhaul, but who cares about that? The story and characters looks interesting, and the exploration aspect looks to be in the Skyrim territory.

So yeah, looking forward to this.

Yep. It looks like they’ve tried to balance out the combat in a very pen and paper way. Your party has limited resources, and it’s up to you to strategically use them as you tackle some particular quest. Mistakes in combat or mismanagement of these resources, means having to head back to camp.

More strategic layers = GOOD.

Well, you could set up Morrigan as your healer but that meant NOT selecting spells from other schools for several levels. And, as I said, picking spells to create a whirling maelstrom of death is more fun than picking “Group Heal”. So, from that angle, I can see the benefit to not having healing spells with the game explicitly designed around potion healing.

God, I hated Anders in Awakenings and when my game ended with Anders catching an arrow to the throat, I was delighted. Having him retconned with no explanation back into DA2 was almost enough to make me ragequit on the spot. Instead, a mixture of boredom and disappointment made me quit shortly thereafter anyway.

I didn’t hate him that much in Awakenings but I hated him reappearing in DA2 since he died in my Awakening play through as well, and he was far more whiny and annoying this time around. With me losing my only other healer to the plot twists, I just went without a healer. It was perfectly doable on Hard difficulty … except against bosses. Boss fights were stupid and boring even without the no-healer handicap so I just turned the difficulty down to Easy for every boss, then right back to Hard. Another option would’ve been waiting for the mod that allows Merril (I think that’s what her name was, been a while) to be a healer, but I bought the game right when it came out so there wasn’t much in the way of mods.

I do normally enjoy healer characters and healing but if they design the whole game without need for one it should work out alright. Far better than having to bring with you a specific idiot at least.