Getting kinda lonely

I guess the odd thing is that it hadn’t crept up sooner. Spent the last 2 years in an army garrison with dozens of other men at any given point and 4 years before that in a fairly close romantic relationship. Though I can’t say I miss sharing sleeping quarters with 30+ smelly soldiers, it is an adjustment going from doing everything with others to almost everything by myself. Watching movies alone is kind of a bummer.
I suppose I should feel blessed for having avoided this sense of terminal loneliness for as long as I have, since I do realize that a lot of people (no doubt lots on this board) have probably endured it for a lot longer and more intensely than I have.
I guess this is why people get married. It’s nice to have someone to come home to.
Not really looking for advice or sympathy. Not completely sure what I had in mind for this post actually.
Here’s some clips of people doing dangerous/skillful stuff.

That clip is pretty awesome. My “home alone and not liking it” clip is more cute than anything else.

It sounds like you have a good handle on this. Sometimes you just need to feel like you are communicating with someone. Well, the Dope is here when you need it. Feel your loneliness, acknowledge, try not to dwell to much on it, and when you are up to it start thinking about any changes it might be time to make.

Until then, give yourself to waste some time websurfing. It’s fine. Just make sure that later tonight, or tomorrow, or whatever, you are gonna be ready to get up and get going.

Being lonely sucks, doesn’t it? And having to take on all the problems of life alone. But hopefully it is temporary and we can take steps to improve our lot so we don’t end up as a crazy senior citizen who owns fifty cats (and a dozen more in the freezer.) Is it just women who end up like that, or are there crazy cat men as well? Anyway, I’m happy to chat if you need someone to talk to. And I’m not smelly!

Been alone most of my adult life.

Sometimes I’m lonely. Sometimes I’m glad for the solitude. It is the same for married people. Sometimes they wish they were alone, sometimes they are glad for the company.