[Getting] "m" OFF [an M&M]

How can I get the “m” off of an M&M without any trace of the shell?

Nuke it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

Rock tumbler, precise timing, and lots of T&E.

I’d imagine the ink for the ‘m’ and the color of the shell are both soluble with the same things, so I’m not sure it’ll be possible. Having said that, my thoughts would be Vodka (just to avoid using rubbing alcohol) or mineral oil.

Have you considered going to the store and buying some “Candy covered chocolates” AKA generic M&M’s?

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Lick it off

I once got a defective bag of M&M’s.

They were misprints: half of them had W’s on them instead.

Heat up the end of a fork, gently use it to melt the chocolate around the M, then smear over it?

I had the same problem with a box of nails recently. Half of them had the heads on the wrong end, so I threw them away.

You could always order some customized M&M’s with no lettering.

It’s pretty hard to do and leave it looking untampered.

The M’s are sprayed on the candy, then the whole piece is covered with a clear coat (that’s what keeps it from “melting in your hand”). So you would have to re-cover the candy with this clear coat after scraping off one M, to make it look the same as it was. Pretty hard to do, undetectably.

Scrape the m off with a single edged razor blade.

I had a bag where a good portion of them had sigmas instead.

A good portion of mine had 3’s on them.

Also, some of them were brown, so I trashed my place.

Just turn them over.

Subtraction by addition.

Actually, the candies are stamped, not sprayed. The printing is done after the final glaze, which is applied in a traditional panning process.

If you have confectioner’s glaze, it wouldn’t be hard to scrape off the m’s, then re-glaze the candies, but… WHY?

More on the process is here.

They’ll also print other letters for you (for some reason I’m picturing you trying to paint little “Q’s” on the cleaned-off M&M’s).

OR they’ll print small phrases (I checked – you’ve got room to print “Need some zits?” or “Not fat enough?”)

Idiot! Those were for the other side of the house.

Are you going to try to replace it with an S?