Getting Screen Shots With a Laptop

God knows I am not the most skilled person on earth with a computer… I had just learned how to do screen shots on my desktop ccomputer and it is now officially dead. I am using a refurbished laptop a friend gave me, absolutely no instructions with it at all.

I am trying to get screen shots off an interview video; I found the ‘print screen’ key, and on my desktop, if I remember cortrectly, all I did was hit that key, then go to Paint and under edit, clicked print and the screen shot popped up, I went to file and saved. Now when I open Paint and hit edit etc… nothing.

Anyone know how to do this? You will make a lot of women happy if I can get these screen shots… :wink:

“alt” and print screen at the same time to take the picture.
Open Paint
Ctrl and “V” at the same time (paste) to load it into Paint.

Hmmm… tried that just now and nothing. The video is on Adobe Flash Player; could that have something to do with it, maybe blocking it somehow?

Though I’ve never had trouble with video on flash, some programs interfere with the way print-screen works, especially with older versions of windows. You might have better luck if you use screen capture utilities like ZScreen or SnagIT

I use ALT + FN + INS to get a screen capture on my laptop. (That’s ALT, FUNCTION, and INSERT at the same time.) Then use CTRL + V to paste it elsewhere.

[li]<CTRL>-<PrtSc> captures the entire computer video screen.[/li][li]<ALT-<PrtSc> captures just the active window.[/li][li]<CTRL>-V pastes from the clipboard into the graphics program.[/li][/ul]

Just tried it with several graphics programs using an open Firefox window open to a random youtube video. Worked every time. Download Gimp and use that.

You may need to temporarily turn off hardware acceleration on the Flash player. Right click on the flash object, choose Settings, and click the little computer in the bottom left corner of the box that pops up. You should then see a box called “Enable Hardware Acceleration” that you can uncheck.

This will make Flash run more slowly on your computer, so check that option back when you are done.

It’s not actually CTRL and ALT. One of those is the same as just pressing the print screen button by itself. I can never remember if it’s the ALT or the CTRL that you don’t need to press though, and I do it the same way you do.

Get CamStudio (free) and record the video even:

If it’s a laptop chances are Prt Sc is a dual use key. If that is the case then it should have a Function key (Fn) to activate the second function of the key. Example: my laptop has the Insert key as the primary, and Prt Sc as the secondary function of the same key.

Thanks guys!! Gona try these out as soon as I get home from the grocery… I’ll let y’all know if anything works.

Just plain PrtSc is the whole screen. Alt-PrtSc is the window. Ctrl-PrtSc doesn’t do anything diffrernt from plain PrtSc.

SUCCESS!!! The fn + prnt scn worked!! Many thanks guys… you have made many women on a fan board very, very happy.

Now you have to tell us who the interviewee is.

LOL… do you really know me at all?? My celebrity obsession for the last 4 years has been Ace Young, from season 5 of American Idol. Super sweet guy and hot as hell. His latest endeavor is playing Berger in Hair on Broadway… complete with the nudity. So… yeah, I am currently trying to figure out a way to get to NYC to see this.

Here’s the interview:

I think you’ll be able to guess which views I wanted capped… :wink: