How do you do a screenshot on youtube?

I googled a bit, but I didn’t want to download software. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks.

I can’t get to youtube at work, so I can’t try it, but have you tried Ctrl-PrintScreen?

I was able to try it on a live webcam, and it worked for that.

On a Mac, pause the video them ‘command+shift+4’. On a PC, pause then ‘print screen’ button.

Note that this is not the same as a still frame of the video – you get everything on the monitor screen, including menu bars, other open windows, etc.

With a PC:
[li]<CTRL>-PrintScreen captures an image of the entire screen[/li][li]<ALT>-PrintScreen captures an image of only the active, open window[/li][/ul]

Both require a decent graphics program for editing.

There is a decent application that does this - SnagIt. If you use Firefox, you can install the FireShot addon to capture just the browser content view or even an entire web page.

:confused: Not really. Launch Paint, Edit | Paste, Use the square grab to grab the Youtube window, Edit | Copy, File | New, Edit | Paste, reszie the whitespace, Save.

If you pause the video, then hit the fullscreen option on YouTube, then do an Alt/Print Screen, it will capture a full screen frame with no other menu bars, windows, etc.

Command+shift+4 allows you capture just the still frame, command+shift+3 captures everything on the monitor.