Is there a way to capture and save a still image from a YouTube video?

Seems like there must be a way, but I’ll be durned if I can figure it out.


Full screen, print screen, use an image editing program, ctrl-V, save works for me. I don’t know if that results in any loss of quality or if there’s a quicker method.

With KDE it is simpler to use KSnapshot — or similar applications for Gnome/Apple/Windows ( I definitely remember a free Polish snapshotting app forWindows over 10 years ago ) — where you outline the image, enter, and save as PNG or JPG or whatever. ‘Rectangular Region’ is best for already images.
And it’s easier if you download the video first, selecting the highest quality: with Firefox I recently found some music videos using the venerable ‘Video Download Helper’ end up empty thanks to copyright changes by that extension; so 'Clip Converter’ is now the boy.
Having done that it may then be possible to extract all the images contained therein, but I haven’t done that.

Windows 7 and up has a Snipping tool that will capture any portion of your screen. It’s cut and paste but VERY handy.

If you happen to be on OS X, the corresponding keystroke for full screen capture is shift-command-3, and if you just want part of the screen, it’s shift-command-4, which will give you a crosshairs with which to define the two opposite corners of the rectangle you want to capture.

Watch the video on an iPhone and save it as a screen cap is easy too.