GF's pubic hair just rubs me the wrong way

I have a little bit of an embarrassing problem. I have a wonderful, sexy girlfriend but after a session of hot, passionate sex, I’m feeling rubbed the wrong way. This puts a big damper on the second or third helpings. How can I bring up the suggestion that she may want to trim and/or shave her pubic hair without embarrasing her or making her feel like it’s a weird request? I used to trim and shave but I found that only made it feel worse so I’ve quit for now. How would you feel if your GF/BF asked you to do this? And yes, I know communication is key…I guess I’m asking for help on how to break the ice and start the conversation. Thanks for any suggestions…

Tell her to trim her pubic hair.

(Ducks and runs at a million mph).

Offer to shave it for her.

Sounds strange but it is a wonderful turn-on, at least for me.

Have her sit in the bathtub. First trim any excess. Use a very sharp razor and lots of shaving cream and hot water, and go with the grain. Be very careful around the delicate parts, mind. Then afterwards you can use your imagination. And some soothing lotion :wink:

She may want you to do this regularly if you do it right!

Are you sure this would help? Hair tends to get pricklier after it’s been trimmed or shaved – as you noted yourself. You might want to try using some lubricant first and see if it makes things better.

I’m assuming you’re not talking about the bikini line, but the actual genital area. Maybe you can suggest doing it for her and with her - make it part of foreplay, so to speak. But to be honest, if you’re not prepared to do it yourself, what right do you have asking her to do it?

I wouldn’t mind if a GF asked me to shave my genital area (actually I have been asked), but I would be very concerned if it became a requirement. It is not feasible for me to maintain such a regimen. It’s a time consuming process and with many risks such as rashes, ingrown hairs, infections and even (gasp!) slicing your family pride. Just trimming is a reasonable request though.

I actually had the opposite problem once, where I asked a girl to let it grow. I prefer it that way; and the occasional stubble and ingrown hairs were much more of a turn off for me.

I could deal with trimming it on request, but no way would I shave. I don’t want to deal with it growing back. I’d much rather just leave it alone, though.

people! never shave. never!
wax those pubes away.
send her to the spa with a special request for a brazilian wax. good luck!

Conditioner. Lots of conditioner.

I was so going to say that, but I was too busy ducking and running. OP Dude, make a date out of it. Make her a Brazilian appointment, insist on watching, then take her out for some cheesecake of her favourite flavour. I assure you, this will work out far better than you would have hoped for. :o



No way. No way in HELL.

I’d do the mutual shaving thing. You might like it, shaving your pubes makes your dick look bigger.

That’s what I was going to say! Maybe try a romantic massage but secretly use a VO5 hot oil treatment and pretend it’s exotic and sexy aromatherapy.

You’re going to be complaining more if you start getting rubbed by stubble. I remember one time a boyfriend of mine upped and told me he used conditioner on his pubes. There was no shame, I do it too. If you tell her one day while you are both fully clothed that you use conditioner on your pubes, she will either laugh at you and then secretly try it or else she will confess she does too at which point you can say, “well what cheap brand are you using because your pubes are like razors!” Then you can both have a hearty laugh and at the same time, she will find out your true thoughts.

Hmm. OP. Wax. Trust me on this one.

The “take her to get a Brazilian” idea is a good one, but it can be tricky to find a waxist who’ll let you watch… and you probably really don’t want to, because she ain’t gonna enjoy it…

You ought to trust me on this topic.

It makes your dick look like a plucked chicken neck.

A chicken-neck of LOVE.

Who wants to suck on giblets?


“No thanks… just a little trim.”

Wax?? Yowtch! I’ve done it twice and just the bikini parts. Even after having taken advil in advance. I made the wax artiste stop.

I can’t imagine how much pain it would be on my labia and bung hole. Yowtch just thinking.

Can peckers be waxed? What about the twins?