Ghost Rider Trailer

Not to mention Simon Birch, which stuffs the beaten corpse of John Irving’s Owen Meany into an oil drum filled with camel shit and throws it down a well.

The problem with this movie is NICOLAS CAGE. He has absolutely no place in a Ghost Rider movie. Could they really not have found someone else to play the role? How desperate are they? Or are they just dumb or blind? Cage looks like he’s sad all the time, like he could burst into tears at any moment.

Do I lose geek creds by saying that I liked Hulk and Daredevil? They could have used some work, but they weren’t flat-out suckitude the way X-Men 3 was.

My [url=]unscientific poll* of Transformers fans is not holding up well – more than half the folks are currently predicting major suckage.


Note to self: always go opposite rjung’s movie recommendations.

Yeah, I rememer reading about it way back when, and then just the other day when I made the post I looked up some info about it and found out it’s directed by Michael Bay.