Ghost Rider Trailer

I was never a huge fan of this book, but I have to say this looks freakin’ cool!

Nice. Now that they’ve done Blade and GR, they need to roll out Morbius and Dr. Strange and give some Midnight Sons action against Mephisto. That’d be a hell of a movie.

A Doc Strange film would really have to be done just right by just the right people, but if so, it would be very cool indeed.

I saw a trailer when I went to see X3. It got me interested enough that I will see it.

I hear there is in fact a Doc Strange movie in the works.

But then again I heard about an x-men movie back when I was in the 5th grade…
(which was in the 80’s)

Same here. :slight_smile:

You’re in luck!

I’m trying to stay pretty spoiler free on this one but… from what I hear Blackheart is the villain… That’s pretty disappointing. Unless I missed something he’s pretty minor in the GR legend. I would hope for Deathwatch or Blackout or even Lillith.

I checked IMdB, Push You Down, and it has that character listed in the credits. Seems like they could’ve found a better villain, but who knows? It could be good. I’d rather see Mephisto be the main baddie.

I guess you have to be a real comic book nut, because it was very possibly the dumbest trailer I’ve ever seen. Nicholas Cage becomes a skeleton on fire riding a chopper?

Oh, and as directed by Mark S. Johnson - who brought you Elektra and Daredevil. Have you guys seen Elektra? Mr. Johnson also directed Jack Frost, often cited as the worst movie ever made.

I wouldn’t buy a ticket to see this movie with someone else’s money.

Ouch. I almost clicked on his name on the IMdB page but was afraid of seeing one of those names. I hated Daredevil.

He is Mephisto’s son, and sadly, he is very recognizable from being a playable character in the Marvel v. Capcom video games.

Okay, I’ve never read the comic myself, but I gotta say… this has to be one of the most phonetically misleading movie titles ever. When I first heard someone talking about this upcoming film, I was all “Awesome. I used to love Ghostwriter.” Then I found out that it’s Ghost Rider and it’s based on some comic book. Well, I never! <:mad:>

Wow. I just watched the trailer and it looks like it’s going to be another crappy comic book adaptation (read: Electra, The Hulk, Fantastic Four). No offense to the fans, of course. ^^; How does Nicholas Cage keep tricking people into thinking he can act? Please, please let him get dropped from the upcoming Wicker Man re-make.
(I’m so not the only one who remembers Ghostwriter, right? RIGHT?)

Wow, looks like… really stupid?!

I’m wondering if those who say it looks dumb are just not comic fans. Yes, if you think about it, a flaming skelteon riding a Harley is silly, but in retrospect, is it any sillier than a man with bones coated in an unbreakable metal who smokes cigars? Or an alien that just happens to look perfectly human and can fly, has super strength, can see through stuff, etc? Really, most heros are silly when you think too much about them, which is why those of us who like comics and comic movies always turn off that little part of our head that thinks when we see these movies. Much more enjoyable that way. :smiley:
(Of course, I’m still waiting for that live action Transformers movie in the works.)

This looks kinda good, but mostly not. Nick Cage sucks. That really is all there is to it.

I’ll back up that Ghost Rider looks silly, but only because the effects look so lousy. The bones have no texture, making them look plastic. The motions seem poorly animated. When you’re doing a movie about a flaming skeleton riding a hellbike, you really have to make sure that the special effects are going to do a halfway decent job of selling it. He does look good in all of the shots of him moving fast, but he has to stand still eventually and he has to look good doing it.

On top of that, it looks like Johnny Blaze is in control when he turns into ghost rider, which I don’t like at all. What’s the curse then? You don’t get any sleep because your flaming skull sizzles the pillows? Give us either the crazy 70s alter ego or the broody 90s seeker of vengeance. Do not give us Johnny Blaze with a bad case of bone burn.

I did like the shot of Blaze with the hellfire shotgun. It does make me think that things would’ve been better with Dan Ketch Ghost Rider and ole JB riding in the doubting mentor slot.

That was my initial reaction when I heard about this. I like Danny Ketch. Of course, I don’t think a lot of folks know the distinction. A buddy of mine came back from the X-Men movie and told me about the Ghost Rider trailer. I responded, “Hey, is it Danny Ketch or John Blaze?”
Buddy says, “Man, I dunno. Blaze?”
Yeesh. Give me an angry spirit of vengeance.

While I wasn’t a big fan of the Blaze Ghostrider but iirc, he was often written as being at least partially in control as GR. I recall an old comic (pehaps The Defenders) where it’s mentioned that the angrier he is when he transforms, the less control he has as Ghost Rider.
It’s been awhile though, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Peace -DESK

Early in the character Johnny Blaze had seemingly full control (Champions era GR)… but as the series progressed Zarathos (the actual demon) started to take more and more control.

As a side note- Ghost Rider tests 3rd only to Spiderman and the Hulk with kids. Apparently the under 12 set LOVES flaming skull headed demon bikers. That’s why a character without a regular monthly title and rarely even shows up in the comics gets an action figure nearly every year since 2001.