Ghost Shark premiers August 22nd on SyFy

Still quivering from the awesomeness that was Sharknado? Yeah, OK, maybe not. But if so, you’ll have more than a month to recover for the truly awesome Ghost Shark on August 22nd (see last line).

After Sharknado, this one is a “must see”.

Ghost Shark Trailer and more

OK, I guess I shouldn’t have put the date in the title. Shit. I’m not going to request a change yet since this might be a head fake, but I don’t think so.

According to this site, which I’ve never heard of but sounds every bit as legit as a guy in a beat up van offering a discount on a flatscreen, {inhale} the date for the premier is the 11th, not the 22nd. Looks like an honest typo but one that could go either way.

As long as I’m here though, I have to share this quote.

It’s got Ruth from 7th Heaven! Guaranteed classic.

The 22nd is the date I’ve been seeing, not the 11th. Not everybody is looking forward to it though.

I’m hoping they do “Jabberjaw the serial killer” some day.

Not an Oglaf ghost shark? That can swim anyplace where water was when it was alive?

Once again, there will be more people tweeting about a SyFy movie than are actually watching it.

Three new previews for Ghost Shark


I’m still waiting for Tsuzombie.

Yeah, I couldn’t watch them before posting that but I did later. The one with the little kid on the water slide I really liked.

They seem to do the concept more justice than the original trailer which just made it look like yet another Jaws spoof/rip-off. These give you the impression that it might be something much more original.

New trailer (via the Daily Mail). LOL. You’ve seen most of this if you’ve watched the other links but there is some new stuff, just don’t blink (plenty of stills at the link though) and I like how it’s cut together with the typical cheesy voice over.

Some good quotes from the article

The article does go into the story and looks like it might have some potential spoilers near the end. It’s hard to tell w/o having watched the movie, so be warned.

First we hit peak shark with Sharknado. Now we have reached critical shark with the announcement of Ghost Shark 2. Yes boys and girls - Deux, Dos, numero uhh whatever is after uno. The first of the . . . can we really call it a series yet? Franchise? WTF is it?

Anyway, the first installment won’t even be shown until the 22nd but here we have the trailer for the sequel. Now to be fair, it looks like this was already in development and unlike the GS to be shown in a week or so, this is much more ‘serious.’ I’m not sure how that works given the subject matter and if this is really suborbital, over-the-top irony or what, but there you have it. You can read a little more about it here. Wikipedia has this to say.

Set off by the arachnoquake!


That might be my new desktop :smiley:

Only 5 more days - time to set the DVRs.

demonic sea beast!! love it!