Ghost World's Indian video

I bought the Ghost World DVD about a month ago after renting it, and I still haven’t watched the movie again. But every other day or so, Mr. Singular and I will watch that 1965 Indian video in utter rapt fascination. It’s an amazing piece of work!
I did look at the web site given at the end of the video, hoping for more info on this piece of work, but it seemed to be about the director’s later work. I know I can count on the Dopers to help me. What the hell is this video about? What are the lyrics of this song? Where did they come up with those faces and that head-shaking and the amazing disappearing-reappearing masks? Who is that poity-toothed singer? And is there any more?!?

Your question about the song and lyrics is answered here. The singer’s name is Mohammed Rafi. As for the rest, I dunno. You’d have to ask the director.

The clip is from a Hindi film from the '60s called Gumnaam. It’s a mystery movie, but like many Indian films has several dance numbers. If you’re interested in Indian movies a good place to look is at Asian grocery stores – they often have them available for rental.

Thank you so much! Both posts were a great help!
oooo, Mr. Singular will be thrilled-now we can sing along!