Ghosts, goblins, ghouls - oh my! (post your Halloween pics)

Being the procrastinator that I am (hey! I’m in love and I’ve been preoccupied - give me a break) I just paid $7.25 for $3 worth of candy bars. I’m also starting this thread while anxiously waiting for the doorbell to ring.

I’ll be taking pics of the little people who’ve gotten dressed up just to ring my doorbell and ask for candy. Then I will post them for your enjoyment. This is how I plan to entertain myself until I can see my guy again.

So! You too can entertain me. Post pics of your little trick-or-treaters (or your big trick-or-treaters). Or post a link to your favorite Halloween funny.

If you don’t know where to upload your pics, I suggest It is free and easy to use.

I’ve had several trick-or-treaters, and not one of them has objected to being photographed. Very exciting.

Here’s the link.

I’m also up to page 101 in the 5th Harry Potter book, which I started reading shortly before my first visitor. Oh, what an interesting life I lead…