GI diet: anyone tried this? Noticed any side effects?

I ask because I’ve been on it for 4 days now and man, do I feel like crap. It started yesterday, when I spent the whole day feeling so drowsy (in spite of having had plenty of sleep) that it felt exactly like I’d just been given a general anasthetic. Today I woke up with a killer headache - my head feels like it’s about to burst open, and painkillers aren’t making a dent.

Google’s got nothing - plenty of stuff on how great the plan is, but nothing on possible side-effects. I’m going to stick with it anyway, as I think it’s the most sensible of all the weight-loss plans, but I’d just like to know if anyone else has experienced this, and if so how long it’s likely to last.

Cheers, all.

From what I could find on google about this diet (never heard of it before), it seems fairly low in carbs, at least the kinds of carbs most people are used to eating. Did you used to eat a lot of sugar and simple carbs?

Any sudden change in your diet might cause you to feel tired - low carb dieters often complain of fatigue for a few days before they get used to the diet, then they’re fine. Also, could your headaches be cause by a lack of caffeine? A lot of diets restrict caffeine intake, and I find that painkillers won’t make caffeine withdrawal any better.

Thing is, I didn’t eat much sugar or starch before - none in tea or coffee, or on cereals, I almost never eat chocolate or sweets and I always ate wholemeal bread rather than white. I didn’t think the changes I’ve made were drastic enough to affect me this much!

As for caffeine withdrawal, I didn’t drink that much before, but I’ve swapped my usual 2 cups of coffee a day for 2 cups of tea (allowed on the plan). I suppose that could make enough of a difference to my caffeine intake.

Yes, that’s exactly how I felt after a couple of days on the most extreme phase of the South Beach diet. And the headache could indeed be related to caffeine withdrawal. Tea generally has considerably less than coffee.

The first three or four days of any diet are the worst. Hang in there.

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A. and I are on Atkins (4 weeks today!) and he felt that fatigue and headaches for the first week or so. I never got too bad, except for caffeine withdrawal, so I just got myself some caffeine and all better.

Your energy will pick up soon. Good for you for eating better. Make sure you eat the max of whatever you can eat (lots of leafy greens for Atkins) and keep hydrated.

Thanks guys. I feel much better today, as it happens. I’ve also been to the health food supermarket and bought lots of the whole-grain, high-fibre stuff that the diet recommends. I now feel very smug, if a bit like a hippy.

Mung bean, anyone?

And…I’ve lost two pounds in the first week! Ok, so that may not seem like much, but that’s recommended maximum loss per week on the plan, and if I can keep it up I’ll have lost a stone and a half by the time I go holiday in September.

AND the rotten side-effects have stopped!

Does happy dance