My wife and I are having a disagreement. She is under the belief that this film is based on an actual supermodel who degenerated into the world of drugs, or at the very least “loosely based.” I seem to recall reading that it is fiction. Who is right?


IMDB says she was a 70s supermodel.

The IMDB - Gia (1998) - lists it as based on a true story.

This website has quite a bit of information on Gia Carangi, the model that the movie was based on.

Wel, then, a follow-up… Was there fairly recently a production (maybe a sort of take-off on A&E’S “Biography” or Lifetime’s “Intimate Portaits” series) about a “model” which was totally fiction, designed to pull your leg.


Sir Rhosis, the TV show Just Shoot Me recently did a spoof-within-the-show - it was supposed to be an A&E Biography of the Just Shoot Me character Nina, who, on the show, is a former supermodel. That might be what your wife is thinking of.

The story of Gia Carangi is true, and the movie starring Angelina Jolie pretty much followed the non-fiction book upon which the movie was based.

Thanks to all who responded.