Giant, Mysterious Cloud Of Steam At Sea: Japanese Coast Guard Warns Ships To Flee.

Here is the story–

Allegedly, it is merely an underwater volcano.

HO-HO-HO! It is to laugh!

We Dopers know what it really is!

Tokyo real estate values will soon undergo a slight…market adjustment.


Unless it’s Cthuhlu …

Are you sure you know were you put your luggage, Twoflower?

No idea where it is , but I trust it will find me.

Now all we need is for a poster named Rincewind to come by and say “No, it won’t, you gave the bugger to me and it’s been eating my wizard’s robes ever since.”

For some reason I’m reminded of a Robert A. Heinlein story. . . .

Quickly, deploy the Super-X, and those tractor-trailers with the big rayguns/freeze rays!

Where’s candidgamera when you need him?

Which one specifically?

Nah – that’s impossible! He’s still sleeping in R’lyeh, and I’m sure we would have heard the alarm clock …

Godzilla is angry!

Actually, what I was thinking, was that he might have left it by a volcano, and accidentally knocked it in. Being covered with lava does tend to make one testy…

Now all we really need is a poster named Librarian to come by and say “Ook.” :smiley:

And when Godzilla angry, Godzilla SMASH!

(That was one of my most favorite boardisms. That and Gotcha Ya and Fucko Off.)

Say it right then: OGZILLA SMASH! :wink:

[sub]*The Science of Discworld, p. 20.[/sub]

My total killjoy of a wife is worried now that there will be a tsunami that wipes out Japan. Try to make Godzilla jokes in THAT atmosphere. Worse yet, it was while we were watching Gammera the Invincible so the moments should’ve been right.

I sometimes think she does it on purpose.

Supposing this breaks the surface, creating a new island, with enough acreage to support, say, a small airstrip, a radar installation, and a few support buildings… how much time will elapse before one or more countries (or corporate entities, or individuals, or Bond villains) try to take it over?

Zat was very foolish Mr. Scrivener. Now zat you haf deduced our plan, ve must liquidate you.

A clever plan, Scrivener.
As a reward, you will be elevated into the Crimson Guard.
Now! Attack & sieze the new island before GI Joe interferes! COBRAAAA! :wink: :smiley: