Giant Popsicle Melts, Floods New York Park

I kid you not:
It’s like The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1918 all over again, with a flood of sticku stuff flowing through a Major American City.
Nobody hurt, fortunately.

Oh the humanity!

Sadly, Turkey Curse beat you to it.

Shouldn’t that be "Oh, the Cran-Apple-larity!’

“And in other news the world’s largest keilbasi fell off Cleveland’s Terminal Tower killing hundreds.”
Why would you bring a frozen food out of doors on a hot summer day like that? :confused:

You know, there hasn’t been a sweet, sticky mess like this (real or imagined) in an NYC park since James parked his Giant Peach in Central Park… or “Mr. Sta-Puf” blew up in “Ghostbusters!”. I suppose we should feel lucky that the Giant Popsicle wasn’t companioned by a pair of Giant(ess) “Popsicle Twins,” eh?

That’s just great. Edison, NJ – a century ago, the proud home of Thomas Alva Edison and his famous laboratory in Menlo Park – now the place where the giant friggin’ Snapple popsicle was made. There hasn’t been a historical anticlimax like this since the Visigoths sacked Rome.

And this would be… a New Yorker blaming New Jersey when something goes wrong! Seriously, though, if you PR flacks want to craft a popsicle that lasts, try making one using colored (not sugared) water. The more sugar and fruit in it, the faster it’ll melt. It’s elementary, Watson… :wally

I was a few blocks from there yesterday, and considered going over a couple of avenues to take in the World’s Biggest Popsicle, until I decided that, after all, I really could have cared less.

I thank my guardian angel from saving my shoes from the Strawberry Kiwi Syrup of Doom.

I saw on NY 1 that Snapple has offered to offset the cost of having to have the NYFD hose down the streets. :smiley: