The Streets are Red with Snapple

So the Snapple people, whose advertising gimmicks include anthropomorphizing fruit and answering mail with an obese woman off of the Jersey shore, decided to create an enormous ice pop. It didn’t work. The best part is the write-up on CNN and out of context quotes you can take from it.


Yeah, that might of been a good idea.

It might have been a good idea too. :slight_smile:

Ain’t it.

Sho 'nuff.

Does it get warm in June in New York City?

Snapple Marketing Department
New York City, NY

It’s made of the best stuff all over the earth!

Didn’t Nostradamus predict this? Something like:
“The great winter icon will fall in one day’s time,
and red will run in the avenues of the city of the large apple”

We’re not worthy!