Giant Squid in Tokyo Bay. Not a Godzilla frlic. Newslink

With video.

Film shot by diver in the water, swimming alongside it.

Wow…that thing seems very laid back to let someone get that close. I’ve seen videos of Humbolt Squid attacking divers; that thing could really rip you up if it had a mind to.

I wouldn’t get that close to a squid over 5 feet long, they can be very unpredictable and dangerous.

I wonder if it was sick or dying. After breeding, many cephalopod species just seem to give up and die.

This. Holy crap, that thing has tentacles as thick as a man’s leg, and a beak made for turning prey into bite-size chunks. If it decides you’re dangerous or delicious, you don’t stand a chance.

Huh, I’m a squid. Who knew?

More footage!

It is amazing. I think this one was about the quarter the size of a full grown one, from the coverage I read. A big “no thank you” to swimming with it.

Boil it!

Perhaps the diver was using zoom lenses and was a more comfortable distance away from the squid?

Honolulu, say…

Hail the Mighty Kraken! :cool:

Now we only need Liberal/Libertarian to show up. :slight_smile:

Y’know, that squid looks kinda familiar; I wonder if…

:: Goes to check::

Dammit, Miller, how many times has Ed Zotti told you to make sure to close the door of the squid pen after an initiation?