Gibberish when opening threads

In the last week or so, when I try to open individual threads here on the SD with Firefox or chrome, I’m getting gibberish. I’m posting this question through Explorer, which I never use ordinarily. I do run Noscript and Ghostery, but turning them off doesn’t help the problem. Anyone know why this would be? I’d hate to resort to using Explorer just for the Dope! Thanks.

Threads you open on the SDMB contain nothing but gibberish you say? Nah, too easy… :wink:

Do you mean all threads, or just a few? Because we’ve had a rash of spambots which post garbled nonsense as OPs.

At first it was just some - today it’s all threads. But only in Chrome and Firefox.



Can you please describe the gibberish? Is it just jumbled text, or lots of little squares, or ?

Is it possible to copy a sample of it and paste into Explorer?

Mackdonna shoehorn butterhorse

Here’s one from Firefox:

‹”Tk›Fý\Kþ7äC¤•{q¶5[%~¤+å±ÝקÕc˜]˜¡3ã—ªþ÷Þìâˆ6ñ Ùó:çž{î…É‹Ùçéꏇ9dºÈáá—wî§Ù®û›7uÝÙj¿ÿ¸úøFÎV’pÅ4œä®;ÿd•i]®»Û휝発«ŸÝ½áp3µué$:±îú½Iq_ä\…<#ß÷k¸ “¡•kiANxZ”×”$øÿݤ š€¡°éŸe¶ ©àšrm¯%µ ®W¡¥é^»†òâŒHEux¿ül¿yóÚ·G¸wKVjP2>i9׎çŒÝ¨6CÎ’e¦Î“úaK¥Â”‘ç]ûã±çûµÀ Iih=‘-©é¬»‰[ÏŒêJ,'^I)§’h![·ï6yN5ãà9ß;žQÕïÃžéa’d¢Z(˜#Sz€µ˜«9Ð}iL|5I›"¡µ <þFx_‰Í᧠U§NÒrÆŸAÒ<´X©?¢{d’®OF‚ ^Ga°4Ó‰(©‹ÂUI¹ë(©¨æfâ<|zÔPs¿°m˜.—°Ô‡œªŒR ¶m’Qf4¸©k¬PKÐÁ¨qðÑlá]÷êªß»‚/œ5´f»bàÕ²a3TaÛêΫÛúîgŒ®ñºÛïE"9ô{aãE$~N¥Øð$€—‹jÜâv,r!qgX ³³F‡‘`ˆµ’4ÚÄæñq9€·’‘|¿R™N Ðl[QÉÖV™2ÀëroÀsZ’$a< YGØãŽðŽ9Kàå|h<ü»ß#©ÓŒüGbæuGµ×8üéñî–áûJ“ãõfùˆLàû0X³-="«ísÜb1eUN‰s™›ˆÒ(Lg(a³ý5‹Ïœ5uí×…•üŠÉŽŽ‰î ô¼áÐ÷oÏL8©•G"O.’àXÓjÕUÔu5LóŽØ ~pðí €NϹN5oè:‹~cÓÇå±3þÎÖX,nn:ÙÑH1ÃSóùï°zþÖÅiƒZ¦Ö¸NW;¡'÷šõ¿öÕLÿá_ÕUÏZˆ›ñk¥k–]év‚ZéV¸ÿÿ´WÛr‚0ýÞl B[{yë¨ý 'BtÂeHµ_ß]‚08èè0NÙ³Ùdwω=\«é1ÜöÙ„«‘Î¥â.}ø‡¯ÆÔVÚïxµ´ 4Dp-Ë0GÓÜ–š8ÝårÔ´ÞVïw—ù¼¬ñ]F)Øi¡IIš¼-J^Ùn[k’oD‡Ãgap]Áþ¨?èÆ$e|ÿ9Õ™’2Ïz3\î‚rÊÛê@Ñ(Ú¹ YãLß8;иjÜ„ò ÔF8dupqXƒñÐ}½½Ðo9O¤„s„¿k žd)í—l/ã3RmIyß)$ ê8 »aëè[SüDsCkÿ@*ØÚçúuùt‹ùÿ{q4‹ ™ÌmUü†×hùƒÐ¶ú;%4SüÇ‚õa"0€eÌ•„#N]¨²AµxYù«—õÜQ%hT¼x‚EŽœÌݦaâíXüº¿ Dº¿ŽÌ‡ÓXŽÅÇ)ì昂ìNŸÂNÞ4ªmJ3µÁ£N™[wu¢B»ËÍ>>ü~íˆÿÕ ¨+ RÔXuI kP†²ûïÏr÷Yw‚oØ}èbŒæÿÿÿÌXMoƒ0=ï_ø†T©í*Uê>n°ý(0"AAîRõ¿ÏNâ&Œí£‡’4¼gâWÇö-,œ

Now it’s working normally again. Praise Jesus.

I’ll move this to ATMB.

General Questions Moderator

Witnessing belongs in Great Debates. I’ll move this for you… :smiley:

This is a new one for us --not sure what you had happening.

Glad it’s over, whatever it was.


You might have accidentally changed a language setting to one without a font installed and the software was doing the best it can, then you managed to reverese the process. I’ve done that a few times but don’t recall what it looked like.

And, this is the first time you’ve noticed that?

I finds threads full of gibberish all over the place here on the Internet.

Believe me, that’s nothing new.

What about posting in tongues?